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Los grandes de Acapulco (2004)

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Formation and the first singles [ edit ] Dani Mezquita left , Rafa Gutierrez middle , and Javi Molina right perform on stage in Rafa saw no definite role in the groups he had been part of: Rafa asked David to play clarinet in the new group he was forming with his brother Felipe.

The three were classmates at the Facultad de Ciencias de la Informacion de Madrid. They discarded their first idea of a name, "Bonitos Redford", and found inspiration in the James Cagney crime film G Men , which in Spain aired as "Contra el imperio del crimen".

Assisting in the recording process were Fernando Cabello sax and two friends of the group, Eva Dalda and Lydia Iovanne. Lollipop encountered financial difficulties and was unable to support the band beginning in early He talked with the group after the show and the contract was set to be signed the next day.

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The album featured two covers: The front cover is a still from the American science fiction comedy, The Nutty Professor. Escribano became impatient and abandoned the company. Two weeks later, radio support and album sales increased. Six months later, the album reached 50, copies and a year later: Sales eventually reached the millions. However, fans began to congregate at the front door beginning at 4 in the morning.

Many of their fans were female adolescents and the group found itself increasingly pressured, for they could no longer stroll through the streets of any Spanish city without hordes of girls following them. Burt Lancaster You Fucked Up Burt Lancaster; named after one of their first songs.

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One fan from Zaragoza sent more than individually numbered letters. He sent copies of their albums to companies across the American continent, receiving the first response from the Peruvian offices of CBS. Hombres G was edited in Peru in mid, and in a few weeks, the album surpassed 50, copies.

La cagaste… Burt Lancaster was published later, but received a similar response. Following the summer of , sales of their first two albums reached nearly a million copies in Spain. The group received the offer to star in an autobiographic film. David isolated himself for a week at a cottage his family owned in Huelva , writing 12 compositions. For the next 15 days, the group finished work on the songs. The themes of the lyrics concerned romance, intimacy, and masochistic tendencies.

When the group arrived, dozens of journalists and graphic reporters attempted to obtain snapshots. For security reasons, the four found themselves obligated to remain inside one room for several hours, and were unable to view the film until much later.

Their assistants faced a similar scenario: That summer, nearly one million people saw Hombres G live. The plane commander refused to open the doors until he knew what was happening. Banners welcoming Hombres G could be seen everywhere. They performed twice for audiences of 40, at each show. Their stay in the Americas amounted to two months of intense promotional activity. David took advantage of the tranquility of Christmas to compose new material.

Filming began in March. Locations included Spain, Acapulco , and Puerto Vallarta. Sales in the smaller Spanish market were half of that figure, but Hombres G had already become the best selling band of the decade. The show was a mega concert that spanned several days and featured a variety of artists.

It was there that a radio announcer baptized Hombres G as the Latin Beatles. The group felt less pressured when composing songs for the album and their music showed a departure from the adolescent concerns of their previous works.

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Their image began to reflect a more adult world. That same year, Dani Mezquita married Elena Portables. On January 18, , Summers married his longtime girlfriend, Marta Madruga. Production was completed by Colin Fairley, whose experience included working with artists Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe.

Summers pursued a solo career, touring Spain and the Americas and releasing four albums. Manuel Summers died before the release of David Summers ; as a result, the album was dedicated to him.

Rafa performed with other musicians and participated in the first album by Ella Baila Sola. In they released Peligrosamente Juntos Dangerously together , an album that included hits, demos, and five new songs. The version released in America contained the new songs Lo noto and En otro mundo.

The European version contained the mentioned songs and also contained Intimidad, No te escaparas and Te vi. It included live versions of songs from their Peligrosamente Juntos tour. The album was produced by Nigel Walker and contained 11 new songs.

The release marked the return of Hombres G to the music scene. The album had minimal diffusion in the Americas. The album spawned two singles: Me Siento Bien and Hombre Real. One of their performances included a benefit show for the victims of the Peruvian earthquake.

Instead of immediately releasing a traditional album, Hombres G released a single and music video entitled "Separados", exclusively through their official website. The Spanish website Popes80 babtized them with the new name "Hombres G 2. They presented it on November 9, , at la Riviera de Madrid. The first single released from the album was "El Secreto de Vivir".