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Guide (1965)

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BGOP-1 There are two variations of the original. Immediately below the credit "Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco" is a curved line which goes all the way from the left margin to the right. On some originals this line is either entirely or primarily the same blue as the main image lettering. Some black may appear.

The reverse of this item fluoresces or glows under black light. Both originals are on stock between. Both the green and the blue on originals varies somewhat in tone.

The reverse of this item does not fluoresce or glow under black light. This printing is on. The green and the blue of this printing are lighter than those of the originals.

It was substantially larger than the size of usual Fillmore posters, and a white border was added, but it was cropped along the bottom so as to eliminate the ticket outlets strip.

Colors were somewhat paler than the correct green and bluish purple.

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It is unknown how many of these were produced before they were ordered by the copyright holder to cease and desist. This item was printed along side BGOP-1 on the same sheets. It fluoresces or glows under black light. Stock parallels the original posters. It is noteworthy that no postcard matches BGRP This item does not fluoresce or glow under black light.

Wes later printed this image in red, blue and gold. The central image is a distorted human face. By May of there were only two remaining differences between this Guide and the printing history of this material according to the archivist of www. BG was one of these two. I went to the vault and presented my evidence regarding BG to their archivist, and after we examined both posters in their archive and items I brought with me, he agreed to change their listings to conform with mine.

Since this is a significant change for them, I believe the readers of this Guide are entitled to know what that evidence is. Preconcert copies of BG posters were printed on a sheet with three small versions of the image arranged vertically along the side of the poster. For this reason copies of cards exist which match all the variations of the posters. Because I was fascinated with the color variations, I saved quite a few of them, more than half a dozen posters and as many cards and handbills.

When I did my most recent study of BG, I noted that two different paper stocks were used on the items I list as originals in this Guide.

Em dash -- The Punctuation Guide

The back of one floresces or glows under black light. The other does not. Copies of OP-1 are on the florescent stock, and copies of OP-2 are on the non-florescent stock. I have two copies of the mailer of this card, ones with a backprint with a bulk mail permit.

These copies both have been addressed with an addressograph machine and mailed to people on the mailing list. Both clearly predate the concert. One copy is on the florescent stock.

This means that posters on the florescent stock BGOP-1 predate the concerts and are originals printed before the event. The other copy is on the non-florescent stock. This means that posters on the non-florescent stock BGOP-2 predate the concerts and are originals printed before the event. Furthermore I have blank backed handbills on both stocks. Blank backed handbills were only printed before the concerts. This is further confirmation that posters on both stocks predated the concerts and are original printings.

Corrections to the guide Latest correction: Further corrections will be added to this page as they become necessary.. Part of the latest group of corrections is a response to comments that Mr. Phil Cushway, owner of Artrock, has made about my guide. I think that this response is of sufficiently general interest that I have also placed it here.

Other Stuff I collect posters as well as pontificate upon them. Here is my current want list. If you have questions or information that might be useful in keeping my Guide up-to-date, I may be reached at therose7 earthlink. Two items did not make the cut for this edition of my guide.

One was an essay on drugs and their influence on psychedelic poster art. If you are interested in reading this, here it is. It was completely revised in and and again in , , , , , and still once more in It is pages long single spaced and deals with over images all but one of which is illustrated in postage stamp size in black and white.

This Guide is thoroughly professional in nature. Each item; each poster, postcard and handbill, each original, reprint, forgery and pirate has its own specific, unique identification number as well as a description which in virtually all cases will enable someone to distinguish any item without reference to any other item.

My Guide also includes cross-references and indexes by artist and performer so that you can check out the work of your favorites. No prices are included in my Guide. In the past this was the territory of Fred Williams who published a highly useful price guide until These appraisals had to pass muster with the IRS.

They did so with no problems. Sadly Fred, like many of the rest of us, is suffering from the ravages of aging, and he has been unable to complete his work on his eighth edition. He recognizes that the seventh edition of his Guide is now out of date, and he has asked me to remove the link to him that formerly was here until he is able to resume the high quality of research that has typified his scholarship in this field. For those of you who pray, Fred would appreciate it greatly if you prayed for him.

Drop me a note with your phone number and a time to call. I also perform authentications of this material. The only way I am willing to do authentications is to write on the back of the poster in light pencil who I am, why I am entitled to authenticate this material and what the item is according to the numbering system in my Guide. I then sign this. I will not write this on a separate sheet of paper.

This is done to prevent an unscrupulous person from taking my authentication of a genuine original and putting it with a reprint, pirate or forgery. He was an angry, aggressive, arrogant, rude and obnoxious fellow while he was alive, but I must have really liked him because I miss him a lot. The link to his name which used to be a link to his site is now a link to some poems his friends have written about him. One of them is by his close friend, the world famous street poet, Julia Vinograd, aka the Bubble Lady.

One of them is mine. I am not alone among people who had a lot of trouble putting up with him who now are sad he is gone. All material on this and subsidiary pages is copyright Eric King unless otherwise attributed. Posters, Postcards and Handbills listed in the Guide.