Emerson School, Calisthenics, Missouri Commission (1904) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 16.08.2017

Emerson School, Calisthenics, Missouri Commission (1904)

We offer you to watch the movie Emerson School, Calisthenics, Missouri Commission (1904), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Military camp at Tampa, taken from train Military camp, Tampa, panoramic view From Edison films "war extra" catalog: A wide plain, dotted with tents, gleaming white in the bright sunshine.

Soldiers moving about everywhere, at all sorts of duties. In the background looms up a big cigar factory; giving the prosaic touch to the picture needful to bring out in sharp contrast the patriotism with which the scene inspires us. The camera was on a rapidly Paley, William Daly - Thomas A. The boys wear suits, and a few carry books or instrument cases. The girls, wearing long dresses and broad-brimmed hats, follow the boys.

The last person to Troops at evacuation of Havana U. Brooke, the Military Governor of Cuba, would not permit to be finished, as he allowed no demonstrations of any kind. The soldiers are the First Texas troops. The streets are crowded with people.

Many typical Cubans are seen lounging in the James Henry - Thomas A. Our photographers had the advantage of a clear day, and the race was one of the greatest ever run in the United States.

Having had four cameras at the track, we were able to secure: Westinghouse works Westinghouse works. Compilation reel 2 A large group of men are shown performing various tasks in one room at the Westinghouse Air Brake Co.

On one side, men are shown pouring a hot liquid into molds on the floor. A conveyor belt delivers items which are then taken off the belt by a man. Men on the other side of the screen appear to be lifting items out of Every detail brought out with wonderful clearness.

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Excursion craft in the distance. Bow of the "Indiana" appears toward end of film. Next, personnel of the New York Fire Department walk by the camera. One of every piece of fire-fighting equipment then used by the department passes. The film shows two postal employees as they tie into bundles stacks of letters they have just removed from a destination "case.

Westinghouse works--Paper Print Collection. Compilation reel 2 Filmed using a camera on an overhead crane, a traveling view of a large, long aisle is shown.

Men are busy performing various tasks on machinery, probably generators. Other men are walking down the aisle in all directions, and carts carrying items come and go.

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The film ends when the camera reaches the end of the aisle where windows and a large opening are Marshall continues with various feminine poses, reminiscent of classic Greek statuary, to accentuate her figure. Film cuts to Treloar posed on the bare stage without a pedestal. He wears brief leopard-skin trunks or short tunic, wrist bands, and Roman-looking laced sandals.

Treloar - Marshall, Beatrice - Thomas A.

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The following pictures were taken by our artists at various points on the Northern Pacific Railway. We are greatly indebted to their officials who afforded us every opportunity in their power to obtain these splendid views. Many of the scenes are incident to the excitement The camera view is from the north side of Market Street, just east of Grant Avenue.

After leaving the Southern Pacific train station at Third and Townsend streets, the parade proceeded up Third Street and wound through downtown San Francisco before continuing up Under command of Captain Dodd of Troop E, 3rd Regular Cavalry, they are road making, that the siege guns may go to the front.

The chaparral and thick underbrush has been cleared away, and the soldiers are working with picks and shovels, to make the way passable"--The Phonoscope. The rebel flag waves over the ditch and they defend their position bravely. A fierce charge by our soldiers makes them give way and they scatter in all directions.

The officer in command pays dearly for his desperate sortie. Just as his horse clears the embankment the James Henry - New Jersey. National Guard - Thomas A. There are members of the Bicycle Squad [Frame: Down goes the Spanish flag, and up floats the Stars and Stripes. Down falls the symbol of tyranny and oppression that has ruled in the new world for four hundred years, and up goes the Banner of Freedom. In the distance are the turrets and battlements of Morro, the last foothold of Spain in America.

Albert Edward - Thomas A. The sidewalk along Broadway is crowded with people, and the traffic in both streets is very heavy. A horse-drawn streetcar passes in front of the camera [Frame: Husband and wife team of Hart and DeMar as cartoon characters Foxy Grandpa and Polly enter hand-in-hand from behind the fence. Grandpa has a bald pate with bushy white hair on the sides, a big bulbous nose, and a potbelly, dressed in a light-colored suit with a This picture was taken after the battle of Las Guaymas, and shows a large number of wounded soldiers embarking in a rowboat from an extemporized dock, on their way to the hospital ship "Olivette.

The subject of this Postal Department documentary is "snatching" the mail bag from the suspended post by the railroad mail clerk. As the film begins, a man climbs the steps leading to the device that suspends the mail bag in the air.

A train can be seen in the distance approcaching the mail bag. At the end of the film, the mail bag is