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Comedy Champ (2003)

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Put on your costume, powder your face. The people pay, and they want to laugh. And if Harlequin shall steal your Columbina, laugh, clown, so the crowd will cheer! Laugh, clown, Laugh at the grief that poisons your heart! This character tends to make Dude, Not Funny! Often put in more serious series to add some comic relief , while at the same time secretly revealing to the audience that the character is a simmering pot of hidden insecurities and angst, just like everyone else in the cast.

Sad Clown - TV Tropes

Complete with one of the saddest back stories in the series. His backstory changes in every animated continuity, and yet none of them are pretty. Duo Maxwell from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing tries to be the moodmaker for the Gundam pilots, and is certainly the cheeriest and goofiest of the group.

A more literal example is Trowa Barton Triton Bloom, who works in a circus as a clown, but is as far from goofy as one can get. Kano from Kagerou Project cracks jokes all the time, laughs at the most inappropriate times, and loves teasing others.

Underneath it all is a rather broken and solemn teenager. Jack was one of these too. And he was getting worse, evolving into a very embittered Stepford Snarker who told cruel jokes that mocked everyone something he had never done in the past until Anna got to confront him.

Thankfully, they got better. We never get the full story, but one episode reveals she only became like this after her fiance died in an accident.

The eponymous character of Naruto is partially this along with being a Trickster. Having grown up as something of a pariah for having the Nine-Tails Fox, he grows up to hate the harsh looks the villagers give him. Iruka is implied to have been like this, having lost both his parents to the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Unlike Naruto, he did not have to deal with being hated, but he acted the way he did to ease his loneliness. Brook practically runs on this trope, being a walking pun factory on the subject of his supernatural disfigurement. He is also quite the pervert. We discover that he and his crew died in the most dangerous sea before being able to fulfill their promise to return to the friend they left behind.

After a major loss for the crew leading to a separation arc, he was put on display in a freak show cage for crowds to scream at in disgust. Then he met the "get people to like him" criteria in truly epic fashion. Break from Pandora Hearts teases everyone merciless, smiles constantly and has a ventriloquist probably act going with a doll he keeps on his shoulder. And is as utterly broken as if not more so than anyone else in the main cast.

This particularly comes into play when he reveals he was in love with the Big Bad in the past, and you consider what happened to the anime version because of that An Emergency Transformation turned him into a green shapeshifter. He watched his biological parents die in a boating accident.

An Evil Uncle got custody and abused him. He ran away and found the Doom Patrol , who were more than happy to show the Evil Uncle why he ought to pick on someone his own size. And his first serious girlfriend turns out to be Terra. He has had a difficult life, starting out in his origin story.

He first used his powers to save his girlfriend Judy Harmon from a would-be rapist. She was scared of him and ended their relationship. His status as a mutant became public knowledge and he was targeted by a mutant-hating mob.

He has had a difficult relationship with his father William Drake, who does not trust mutants. He has had many love interests but his love tends to be unrequited. Even his most successful relationships have ended in sad notes. He feels insecure about his position in the X-Men, since the once tight-knit is more recently filled with people he barely knows. He still faces life and dangers with a series of wisecracks.

And from X-Factor we have Guido a. Cracking dumb jokes helps ease the physical pain from his mutant powers. To say nothing of the problems that come from just being a mutant.

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Despite being the Class Clown , he suffers from being a mutant even more than most as a result of his demonic appearance, and has a depressing backstory. Where he falls on the Fun Personified to Sad Clown scale depends on the writer.

Spider-Man himself is a rare example of a main character being the Sad Clown. At his healthiest, his notorious mid-fight quips are still as much about coping with how scary his life is as distracting his enemy. Have you noticed the closer we get to uncomfortable truths, the more jokes per minute you make? In Marvel Zombies , Spidey drives the other zombies crazy with the constant, irritating jokes he keeps making.

Mary Jane Watson was one of these in her backstory - she kept up a constant Fun Personified party-animal persona to cover up for how miserable her home life was. Iron Man himself verges on this at times, especially when Matt Fraction writes him. Mentioned in Watchmen throughout flashbacks of Eddie Blake a. The poem follows the same line in more detail, and the sad man is not "Pagliacci" which means just "clown" in Italian but David Garrick, a very famous English actor who really existed.

Plastic Man from DC Comics is often accused of this, denying it every time. Whether he is lying or not depends on your interpretation. Dick Grayson has been retconned into this in his youth. He was the first Robin, and his history is largely unchanged: However, his parents were killed in front of him, and his adoptive father figure has been transformed into always having been a brooding creature of darkness, so he was covering for something.

If the memories of The Joker in The Killing Joke wherein "Jack" loses his wife, the baby inside her and his face in one day are to be believed, he plays this trope straight. The heartbreaking finale wherein both the Monster Clown and Batman hysterically laugh at the cruelty of their lives drives in just how deeply both these men have been hurt; Joker in particular must substitute laughter for tears, or the ponderous weight of his sadness would crush what little will to live there is left inside.

If you feel a bit uncomfortable feeling that much sympathy for him, the comic allows you to play the Multiple-Choice Past card and go on hating him. Toward the end of Batman: Being the literal Sad Clown that Joker is, his sad singing and sobbing tells that his final defeat, along with the knowledge that he will be forgotten after he has died, has utterly broken him.

It is utterly painful to hear him cry while he sings. In Death of the Family , Harley Quinn shows indications of this. She has tears marking her face, and she cracks jokes as she tries to survive being around Joker. Joker, once again, himself implies this about him. Although he is a genuinely happy-go-lucky person, Morph has instances of this in both his Age of Apocalypse and Exiles incarnations, which results in teammates telling him to shut up and be serious for once.

When he does, it tends to be heartbreaking. His original incarnation in the X-Men TV series was like this too, and it was just as sad to see his real psyche. He just dealt with it by making an inappropriate light bulb joke. Deadpool is often written like this. He actually lampshades this trope in his arc in X-Men Origins, when he is telling a screenwriter about his less-than-ideal home life.

Tears hurt too much. The Last Man continues to crack lame jokes despite being the only male survivor of the Gendercide , to the frustration of his traveling companions. He admits this in Issue 5 to Starfire, saying he believes that as a team the three of them could help each other.

Christ, the entire team is dead on the inside and trying to cover it up. Especially that it has anything to do with Chase. He got better when Chase is Back from the Dead for real. Mitsuzane is played with this realistically plus with the Jerkass and Troll variety. His sarcastic and Nice Guy personality is merely a front to fit into people around him; and constantly cracks jokes mostly at the expense of anyone around him.

Micchy himself Lampshaded this in one instance that he learned to use humor to cope with horrible situations from Gou. Ghor considers himself to be this when he is brought back to life. But, when he joins with Samus and the party, we also found out behind his gentle and kind exterior, he also has a well hidden guilt and regret because of the gruesome fate that he, Gandrayda, and Rundas fell during the Phazon skirmish. His personality alteration in his armor also does count, to which Ghor needs to accept one day as a part of himself.

Considering himself as an Ax-Crazy Monster Clown , he becomes completely broken when Igor punishes him for his failure to the point of Villainous B. It gets even worse to the point of deconstruction when he gets Bound and Gagged by Gandrayda. He ends his suffering upon making an Heroic Sacrifice to protect Kanon from Igor.

In Requiem for a Loud , Luan Loud is revealed to be one. Films — Animated Aladdin has Genie as a very likely example, who humors himself and his friends to cope with the fact that he is only released every 10, years, just to grant three wishes before returning to his solitary confinement. His happiness becomes far more genuine after Aladdin frees him. Itty bitty living space. Davey Stone of Eight Crazy Nights is known for his drunken, destructive antics in the community, especially during the holidays.

When he was a child, his parents were killed in a car crash during Hanukkah, so his cynical, mean-spirited mischief became an integral coping mechanism. In Bee Movie , Barry B. Toy Story 2 has Jessie as this. As a result, she has a lot of anxiety and sadness deep down.