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Rebellion of Thought (2006)

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In addition, many colonists wished to attack and claim American Indian frontier land westward, but they were denied permission by Gov. Nathaniel Bacon arrived with a quantity of brandy; after it was distributed, he was elected leader. After getting the Occaneechi to attack the Susquehannock , Bacon and his men followed by killing most of the men, women, and children at the village.

Upon their return, they discovered that Berkeley had called for new elections to the Burgesses in order to better address the Native American raids. Bacon was not serving his duty in the House; rather, he was at his plantation miles away.

It limited the powers of the governor and restored suffrage rights to landless freemen.

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The governor, however, refused to yield to the pressure. When Bacon had his men take aim at Berkeley, he responded by "baring his breast" to Bacon and told Bacon to shoot him.

Seeing that the Governor would not be moved, Bacon then had his men take aim at the assembled burgesses, who quickly granted Bacon his commission. Bacon had earlier been promised a commission before he retired to his estate if he could only be on "good" behavior for two weeks. While Bacon was at Jamestown with his small army, eight colonists were killed on the frontier in Henrico County from where he marched due to a lack of manpower on the frontier.

It leveled several accusations against Berkeley: They burned the colonial capital to the ground on September 19, Outnumbered, Berkeley retreated across the river. The rebellion did not last long after that.

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Berkeley launched a series of successful amphibious attacks across the Chesapeake Bay and defeated the rebels. His forces defeated the small pockets of insurgents spread across the Tidewater.

Thomas Grantham, a captain of a ship cruising the York River, used cunning and force to disarm the rebels. He tricked his way into the garrison of the rebellion, and promised to pardon everyone involved once they got back onto the ship. Through various other tactics, the other rebel garrisons were likewise overcome. Governor Berkeley returned to power.

He seized the property of several rebels for the colony and executed 23 men by hanging, [18] including the former governor of the Albemarle Sound colony, William Drummond. Seeing them united in a cause alarmed the ruling class. Historians believe the rebellion hastened the hardening of racial lines associated with slavery, as a way for planters and the colony to control some of the poor.

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The most idolizing portrait of Bacon is found in Torchbearer of the Revolution by Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker , "one of the worst books on Virginia that a reputable scholarly historian ever published. Wesley Frank Craven in the publication The Colonies in Transition argues that his greatest failings took place during the revolt, near the end of his life.

But for those with eyes to see, there was an obvious lesson in the rebellion. Resentment of an alien race might be more powerful than resentment of an upper class.

Virginians did not immediately grasp it. It would sink in as time went on.