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Date: 06.02.2018

One Wedding and a Revolution (2004)

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A bridegroom is ready to carry his bride into a rented public bus in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, to start their wedding celebration. But one which rarely fails to combine the tradition of the style and elegance of old China with arguably the best of the West.

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Among those who have turned matrimony into a money-making art is Chen Tao. Ten years on he still recalls the thrill of the first "modern"wedding ceremony he attended in Shanghai.

As a technical school student from a poor inland province, Chen had never seen such a grand party and he was amazed.

Shortly after the ceremony, a lot of people approached the newly-weds wanting to borrow the dress. That gave them the idea to set up their own wedding agency. In the first year their fledgling company helped organize more than weddings. And today it averages a year. With more than 30 employees, the company has, to date, arranged weddings for more than 6, couples.

The knock-on effect has been to boost the growth of a dozen other industries such as hairdressing, jewellery and gifts, furniture and home appliances, hotels and tourism.

The figures are expected to grow on both fronts. This has not only improved living standards, but also liberalized the ideas of many ordinary Chinese.

Chinese-style, Western-style and a Chinese-Western combination.

Of the three, the most popular is the Chinese-Western combination, which accounts for about 80 per cent of all weddings. This is followed by a wedding banquet at which the bride switches to wearing a traditional red cheong-sam, a gown with side slits, and her husband at her side toasts the guests.

In the years he has been arranging weddings, Zhang has done his best to accommodate even the out-of-the ordinary.

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Some off-beat ceremonies were conducted on grasslands and some were under water. Inferior services With the rapid development of the industry, the number of complaints over wedding products and services has increased. In , the Shanghai Consumers Association handled 49 complaints accusing practitioners of providing inferior services and products. Last year, complaints handled by the association had more than doubled to , up per cent on the previous year.

To date, there are no widely recognized brand products and most companies offer similar products and services, depending on their respective interpretation of what comprises a wedding celebration, as there are no generally accepted standards.

In the first half of , the China Women and Children Development Centre organized a national wedding Master of Ceremonies contest, the first of its kind in the country, in an attempt to help improve their professional skills and overall quality.

More than 2, professional and amateur MCs took part in competitions in 20 cities before the final contest took place in Beijing on June The contest has achieved its intended purposes, according to Lu Yanping, an official with the centre.

It has not only provided an arena for industry practitioners to co-operate and learn from each other, but also resulted in the establishment of a China Wedding MC Club, a national organization that will lay down a set of industry standards, organize contests and provide training, said Lu.

Even industry veteran Zhang Guoliang marvels at the changes in just one aspect of Chinese life in more than two decades.