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Date: 27.08.2017

Les ambitieux (2006)

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Caroline Flack, introduces us to the cast of hot, young singles who have come looking for a summer of love and romance. Big Love The story of Bill Henrickson and his life in suburban Salt Lake City, balancing the needs of his three wives -- Barb, Nicki and Margene-- their seven kids, three new houses and the opening of his newest hardware store.

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Should he even try to? Can this unruly bunch live happily ever after as one big happy family?

The original made-for-TV movie on which the show was based was itself based on the nonfiction book The Love Boats by Jeraldine Saunders, a real-life cruise director. Two more TV movies would follow before the series began its run. The executive producer for the series was Aaron Spelling, who produced several successful series for ABC from the s into the s.

The Love Boat ran for 10 seasons, including specials. He falls in love with Mu Qingmo at first sight, and openly pursues her once they meet again a couple of years later. She eventually reciprocates his affections, even though her brother had already promised her hand in marriage to the powerful noble Lingyun Shenglun. Shenglun is aware their marriage is only for alliance purposes, and promises to keep their relationship platonic.

However, he eventually becomes attracted to the heroine, and is determined to keep her by his side forever. Created by Diane English, the series originally starred Susan Dey as Wally Porter, a Chicago restaurateur, and Jay Thomas as Jack Stein, a sportswriter with whom she had an on-again, off-again romance.

After the first season, however, the show was retooled and Dey was fired by the producers of the show, claiming that she and Thomas had "no chemistry" together. The first season also featured moments when Jack or Wally would break the fourth wall and address the camera directly, generally using it as an opportunity to discuss an emotional crisis.

This mechanic was dropped in later seasons. John Hancock, who had a recurring role as a judge on L. Law with Susan Dey previously, portrayed bartender Ike for the first half of season one, until he died of a heart attack in late His death was subsequently written into the series and he was replaced by actor Charlie Robinson.

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The black-and-white series originally ran from October 15, , to May 6, , on the Columbia Broadcasting System. After the series ended in , however, a modified version continued for three more seasons with 13 one-hour specials, running from to , known first as The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show and later in reruns as The Lucy—Desi Comedy Hour.

I Love Lucy was the most watched show in the United States in four of its six seasons, and was the first to end its run at the top of the Nielsen ratings. I Love Lucy is still syndicated in dozens of languages across the world. The show was the first scripted television program to be shot on 35 mm film in front of a studio audience, and won five Emmy Awards and received numerous nominations.

A drama CD was released in February with an original story. A episode anime series adaptation by Xebec aired in Japan between April and September Six original video animation episodes were produced by Xebec between April and April The title is a pun on the words "love trouble", which describes the harem aspect of the series.