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Date: 13.12.2017

F-19 Stealth Fighter (1988)

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Trivia Development A section of the F manual explains the process behind its design and the design of computer games in general: The bit version was engineered by that now-famous team of Sid Meier master of algorithms and data structures that recreate reality and Andy Hollis one of the hottest 3-D and assembly programmers in the nation. Each time Andy finds new ways to get more, faster, in less space.

Jim Synoski, creator of the original C64 Stealth Fighter, was dragged into this version to help out.

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He was nice about it, especially about all the things Sid changed! Fortunately 3D graphic glitches are fairly obvious to a trained eye — all were spotted and eventually fixed. Fortunately he was a good sport through it all, perhaps inspired by the 7: All this data and graphics takes up a lot of room. The paper materials were conceived by designer Arnold Hendrick, author of this manual. Arnold took them at that, although they gulped hard when the page estimate jumped from to !

Incidentally, the design, layout and artwork of the manual, maps and overlays were all done on computer with final output on Linotronic typesetters. In his alter ego as manager of the game design group, Arnold kibbitzed unmercifully about various aspects of the design. Surprisingly, Sid, Andy, Jim and Bruce even took him seriously at times.

How he finds time for the triathlon remains a mystery even within MicroProse. Barbara Bents did yeoman yeowoman?

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Everybody at MicroProse takes Ken Lagace for granted. Finally, the QA quality assurance staff at MicroProse approached this product like all others: Al Roireau, Chris Taormino and Russ Cooney just love to find bugs, then torment the poor, exhausted programmers with multi-page bug reports.

In fact, they enjoyed itso much they stayed late nights, then came in on Saturdays and Sundays, for weeks on end, for just that purpose. Unlike many software companies, at MicroProse QA really does have the final say for shipment.

F The game was named "F" as it was originally thought that this would be the name of the then-unreleased Stealth aircraft. However, it was finally named FA, which is the name of the next stealth simulator released by Microprose. Since the game was designed when the FA was still classified, the external views of the aircraft were approximate.

The FA has been made "public" around the same time the game was released, so Microprose modified their game so that you could see the real aircraft instead. The fictional Stealth Fighter portrayed in the game is based on a model kit by Testors. The names of the game worlds replaced are still the original ones in the theater selection menu, however, so you must remember yourself which worlds you replaced. Make sure to back up the original worlds before doing this trick.

It helped you develop a strategy and avoid being detected.

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F was the last flight simulator that I wrote. I felt that it was everything I knew about how to write a flight simulator, and I never felt the need to write another one after that. Best Simulation - 16 Bit April