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Date: 01.10.2017

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Wings Over Hooterville Lisa tells the story of how she and Oliver met. Kimball identifies it as the ""Bing Bug"". The farmers appoint Oliver to dust all the crops, but not being in the cockpit for years causes trouble for Oliver in Mr. Water, Water Everywhere Mr. Haney has Willie the well-witcher to witch him a new well. Haney has plenty of water, Oliver loses his water. The same thing happens when Oliver has a new well witched, then the Ziffels run out of water.

When they get a new well, then Mr. Drucker runs out of water. Oliver decides that Hooterville should open a reservoir. Soon afterwards, everyone has enough water, but when everyone turns on their faucets, they lose their electricity. While there, Arnold is drafted by the U. Lisa begins thinking that Oliver is cheating on her, and after hearing Doris Ziffel talking, believes that Oliver is going to kill her, and runaway to South America to elope with Amy.

Little does Lisa know the facts, and that Mrs. Ziffel was really talking about the recent episode of her favorite show. Kimball turns her down again. Lisa decides to help Ralph out, by making her more feminine. Oliver is forced to sleep in the barn with Eb, while Lisa works day and night to doll up Ralph.

Later, at a dinner party, the new Ralph is presented to the unsuspecting Mr. Dave Willock Seen it: No one in Hooterville seems to know what the tax is for, so Oliver tries to contact his assemblyman.

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He and Lisa travel to the state capital to meet the governor and remedy the situation. So Oliver tells her the story of Gus and Etta, a farmer and his Hungarian wife who are broken and poor, but make the best of their new-found farm life. Unfortunately, the story ends with their farm being destroyed by a freak flood, and Lisa then longs for Park Avenue even more.

You Ought to Be in Pictures James Stuart from the agricultural department wants to do a film on the pitfalls of new farmers. Oliver fires the Monroe brothers and hires an architect to draw up plans. Once word gets out, Haney and a chicken breeder both want in on the action. An Old Fashioned Christmas Oliver decides to have an old fashioned Christmas by chopping down a tree off his property. Drucker advises him to get a permit from Hank Kimball, County Agent.

After getting the permit, he finally gets to decorate his tree. Douglas had the right idea. The gang attends the Douglas home to admire the Christmas tree.

But they are chased away when Lisa brings out the fruitcakes made out of hotcakes! Vince Barnett Seen it: Both are constantly wrong so Oliver contacts the Weather Bureau which predicts warm days and nights. With the plants in the ground, Hooterville suffers the coldest night of the year.

Jack Bailey Seen it: His Honor Oliver misunderstands when the Hooterville bigwigs ask him to be a judge. Exodus to Bleedwell The residents of Hooterville flock to nearby Bleedswell for jobs at the new defense plant. To keep people from leaving, Hooterville reopens its old airplane factory to fulfill its contract with the Army--signed during WWI. She takes her cause to the extreme, declaring everything from duck hunting to selling chicken eggs off limits.

Soon, the Douglases house is a zoo and the locals are ready to run her out of town. Fank Cady Seen it: He and Lisa meet up with Charlie, a former gangster-turned-farmer, and Wanda, his floozy dancer wife. The official-looking letter, however, has the locals convinced that Oliver is hiding an juicy secret from them. After ruling out tax cheat and counterfeiter, that leaves only one choice: Pat Buttram Seen it: Harry Antrim Seen it: Armed with useless pamphlets from Mr.

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Kimball and a flask of perfume, Lisa begins work. The boat motor in a barrel goes berzerk, spraying water and clothes everywhere before chasing the Ziffels out their front door. Oliver is more than happy to take their case and stick it to Haney in the courtroom. Kimball Gets Fired Ralph is distraught when her beloved "Hankie" Kimball is fired as the county agricultural agent. His replacement is so rude and insulting that even Oliver is plotting to get Kimball rehired. His scheme is to scare the new guy away by fixing him up with Ralph.

The Vulgar Ring Story Lisa says that woman in her family must marry an American every fourth generation to keep the huge ring she now wears. She regales Hooterville with the story of her great, great grandmother, the Queen of the Gypsies, and her courtship of an American artist, Cornelius. Much stealing and dancing is involved. Music to Milk By Eb becomes obsessed with winning a contest on a Pixley radio station.

To identify all the songs, he has to listen day and night. That becomes even harder after Elenaor the cow swallows the radio Oliver just bought Eb for his birthday.