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Westlife (2005)

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Origin —98 [ edit ] Westlife was originally signed by Simon Cowell. The group, managed by choreographer Mary McDonagh and two other informal managers, released a single titled "Together Girl Forever". They have great voices, but they are the ugliest band I have ever seen in my life. The new group, formed on 3 July , was renamed Westside but that name was already in use by another band, so it was changed to Westlife. In Westlife — Our Story, Byrne revealed that, unlike the others in the group, he was keen to change the name to West High.

McFadden also changed the spelling of his name to Bryan to make it easier to sign autographs.

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Boyzone singer Ronan Keating was brought in to co-manage the group with Walsh. In April , the group released their first single, " Swear It Again " which immediately topped the charts in Ireland and in the UK for two weeks.

Their first album, simply titled Westlife , was released in November and went to No. The album was the biggest chart dropper on the top 40 in UK music history when, in its 58th week on the charts it leapt from No. Coast to Coast was released a year later and was another No. Both singles reached No.

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The group released their eleventh UK No. Their version won them their third Record of the Year award, in under five years. On 9 March , just three weeks prior to embarking on their fourth world tour, Brian McFadden left the group to spend more time with his family and work on solo projects. A live version, from the tour, of " Flying Without Wings " was released as an official UK download, earning them the title of the very first UK Downloads 1.

They then released a Rat Pack -inspired album and fifth album Allow Us to Be Frank , which peaked at No.

No singles from this album were released in the UK. Prior to the release of the On 5 November , both the album and the single were at No. It was the first time that Westlife had held both the top album and the top single position in the same week. This tour marked the first time that Westlife travelled to mainland China for a concert.

Their seventh album, The Love Album was a "love" concept album which consisted of popular love-song covers. The album outsold other compilation albums by Oasis , The Beatles, and U2 in its first week of release and went straight to No. They also returned back to the Miss World stage where billions saw them performing their biggest hits. On 5 November , Westlife released their eighth album, Back Home , which contained nine new original songs along with three cover songs. The album debuted at No.

It was hosted by Holly Willoughby. Before the release of the second single, they embarked on the Back Home Tour on 25 February This tour marked the first time that the group had travelled and performed in New Zealand, performing four sold-out shows in Auckland , Wellington , New Plymouth and Christchurch. Meanwhile, " Something Right " was released as the second single and "Us Against the World" became the third single in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

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Both songs performed well on several music charts. Music Week revealed on their website that Westlife was the official third top touring act within the years —, while they were the seventh top touring act of The group announced that they would be on hiatus for a year after their Back Home Tour [48] and that there would not be an album release in as they would be spending more time on the production of their tenth album. As the group ended another successful tour, Louis Walsh announced in the show Xpose that 1 July would be the official start of the longest hiatus of the group.

He said that it will be a one-year break, from that day up to 1 July It contained some of their music video hits. In the 27 February issue of Herald Ireland, Louis Walsh revealed that Simon Cowell had already picked three new songs which he believed would be instant hits.

The new single, " What About Now ", was released a few weeks earlier on 23 October , with digital downloads being available the day before. They were also part of the Haiti charity single in early with, " Everybody Hurts ", an R.

The eleventh album was recorded and processed with songwriter and producer John Shanks in London and Los Angeles and was entirely produced by Shanks. It was also their lowest charting lead single to date in the country.

The new album titled Gravity was released on 22 November In March , they started their eleventh major concert tour, the Gravity Tour.

This tour marked the first time the group travelled to Oman , Namibia, Guangzhou and Vietnam for concerts. Simon became famous himself and his interests went that way rather than on Westlife. We almost felt a little bit unloved with Simon Cowell, if I was to be honest. We had it full time support with Simon but he got so busy and would do it at the very last minute and we needed someone who was on it all the time.

It debuted at number 1 in Ireland and number 4 in the UK. The first and lead single, " Lighthouse " was released in November We have been a 4 piece for too long now. That includes any TV performances. They were scheduled to headline the ChildLine Concert in Dublin on 12 November and to have another exclusive concert on O2 Blueroom, also in Dublin on 24 November.

For the Last Time". The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new ventures.

We see the greatest hits collection and the farewell tour as the perfect way to celebrate our incredible career along with our fans. We are really looking forward to getting out on the tour and seeing our fans one last time. Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band.

Westlife are a family. We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too. We never imagined when we started out in that 14 years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together.

It has been a dream come true for all of us. Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane [63] They described the split as an "amicable" one and they wanted a "well-earned break". But all good things come to an end and they are all keen to do their own thing. The 82, capacity show was sold out in 5 minutes.

Due to this popular demand, an extra date was added at Croke Park on 22 June They had 12 worldwide concert tours over their year career.

Besides, this song ["Swear it Again"] is just too good for any of that to be a concern. In , Westlife went to Nashville to film a TV documentary. While they were there, they gave a live performance of the song " Daytime Friends ", originally by country music singer Kenny Rogers.