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He is distracted, however, when he notices a year-old mysterious dark-skinned girl pass by on a bicycle. Jean follows the girl, known as Nadia, to the Eiffel Tower and tries to make friends with her, but she acts cold and aloof. Just then, three bandits -- year-old Grandis Granva, a fiery-tempered woman and her two year-old sidekicks, vain, arrogant Sanson, and pudgy, nerdy Hanson -- appear and attempt to kidnap Nadia, but she escapes.

Jean later finds Nadia performing at a circus across town and is instantly smitten with her performance. At the end of the show, the Grandis gang appear and take Nadia from her unsympathetic ringmaster through bribery and pretending to be her sister. After a wild chase, Jean rescues Nadia and earns her trust.

Learning she has no place to go, he decides to take his new friend to his home in Le Havre. Jean decides to take Nadia to his workshop in Le Havre, and she spends the night there. All the while, Jean learns from Nadia that she wishes to return to the country where she was born.

Unfortunately, she has no idea where it is, but her pet lion King suspects it might be in Africa. Jean decides to take Nadia there himself using his all-new aircraft, and they make yet another escape from the Grandis gang. They do not get far, however, when the plane engine falters and the crafts plummets into the ocean.

Its captain, Melville, and his first mate Holland, are on the trail of a supposed "sea monster" responsible for sinking countless ships in the Pacific Ocean. Jean is intrigued to be aboard the vessel, but Nadia is gravely suspicious. While on the ship, they also meet Ayerton Grenavan, a flamboyant "scientist" who claims to be funding the pursuit.

That night, the Abraham is attacked by a mysterious and dangerous presence. A torpedo finally strikes the Abraham, causing Jean, Nadia, King, and their aircraft to be thrown overboard into the ocean again. The children are kept aboard the submarine for three days while Nemo and his command crew pursue an enemy submarine the same "sea monster" that wrecked the Abraham. Before leaving, the children learn that the submarine is known as the Nautilus. There, they rescue a 4-year-old lonely little girl named Marie, who tells them that her parents have been shot down by a murderous army of masked soldiers.

Soon the children are forced to flee from the same soldiers. Marie takes her new "guardians" to a secluded cave containing blankets and supplies. He also witnesses an escaping villager brutally killed by the pursuing soldiers. The next day, Marie and King wander outside the cave to collect flowers Jean and Nadia debating about their next move -- should they rescue the people on the island or not?

Jean and Nadia follow them to the crater and find themselves in a complex of factories, where the villagers are forced to work as slaves.

To save Jean from being killed, Nadia gives him the Blue Water and turns herself in. Jean promises to rescue her. He demands his captive to reveal the whereabouts of the Blue Water. When Nadia refuses to obey, Gargoyle threatens to kill both Marie and King.

With no choice, Nadia reluctantly admits that Jean has it. The soldiers begin to search the complex for Jean, while the Grandis gang decides to escape. Gargoyle tours Nadia around the compound and introduces its center — a spiral tower known as Babel, which can obliterate anything in its path. Out at sea, Captain Nemo sees the same explosion and declares that Gargoyle has "finally released the great abomination. Just when it all looks hopeless, the Nautilus rises from the ocean and attacks the Garfish, allowing the companions to make their escape.

In the end, Gargoyle attempts to fight back using the Tower of Babel… but it demolishes his compound instead. The islanders are freed, but Gargoyle makes his getaway on a dirigible. Jean and Hanson are thrilled to be aboard the Nautilus because they are intrigued by its technology and wonders, but nobody shares their enthusiasm.

Grandis catches a cold and is treated by the doctor. When Captain Nemo and Electra stop by medical bay to check on the sick patient, Grandis falls hopelessly in love with Nemo… much to the dismay of Sanson and Hanson.

Later, Nemo crosses paths with Nadia for the first time and acts quite surprised when he sees her… and her Blue Water. It turns out that Nemo happens to have a Blue Water of his own -- a larger one with a missing indent.

The submarine is surrounded on all sides by a field of mines, which can be triggered should the underwater current shifts or if the submarine dares to move.

However, Sanson knocks Grandis out, fearing for her safety. He and Hanson set aboard the Gratan and begin their mission, but the tank begins to malfunction. With Grandis communicating from the Nautilus bridge, the trio barely manages to succeed and save the submarine from a deadly fate. When Jean retrieves him, Nemo explains that the Nautilus is powered by a particle annihilation engine that could potentially take them up to the stars… but also destroy the world if used improperly.

While Jean goes off on a hunting expedition with Sanson and the others, Nadia bonds with Grandis as the latter explains about a tragic past. As a child, Grandis had grown into a wealthy family and was courted by a handsome man who turned out to be a swindler. That night, the hunting party returns and Sanson throws down the main catch -- a murdered baby deer. Nadia is quite upset about this and leaves the camp. When Marie innocently states that she "made a grave for the baby deer", Nadia gives the little girl a nasty stare.

Together with King, Marie frolics around the island until she gets hopelessly lost -- and far away from camp. They soon discover that Neo-Atlanteans are also at the island and are chased. Marie and King become separated during this adventure. Pursued by a monstrous robotic giant with a mechanical claw, Marie is rescued by Sanson and they struggle to outrun the giant.

After a thrilling chase on a mine cart, the pair barely returns to camp unscathed. The walker crashes after them and its pilot emerges from the cockpit, threatening to kill everyone. When the soldier almost shoots Nadia, Nemo takes his revolver and takes him down. Nadia is furious with Nemo for doing so, despite the latter insisting that a soldier was aiming at her.

The only hope for a cure is in the depths of Reef Accompanied by Nemo, Jean, Sanson, Hanson, and King set off into a dangerous trek through the underwater domain of Reef They find the herb in a cave situation on the opposite side of a cliff face.

On their way back, however, they are attacked by a monstrous eel called a "Dinicthys. Thanks to help from Nemo, they succeed, and the girls are cured. Then torpedoes narrowly miss the submarine.

A Garfish rams into its side, only to have its nose crippled, and the submarine drifts away, exploding.

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When the Nautilus attempts to surface, it is surrounded by the American fleet, commanded by vengeful Captain Melville, who has received an anonymous tip that the submarine is responsible for sinking the ships. Naturally, the "source" of this information is Gargoyle. The subsequent damage causes the Nautilus to drift to the bottom of the ocean. Because the American fleet wants to see them destroyed, the Nautilus is forced to stay underwater until the fleet departs.

In the aftermath of the attack, Fait is trapped inside an engine room poisoned by leaking gas, but Nemo orders the room sealed off so as to prevent further damage. Jean is crushed beyond grief as he painfully listens to his new friend die. On the way, Nadia begins to question everything that has happened and wonders why she was chosen to wield the Blue Water. Jean learns from Sonar Officer Eiko that the latter was a survivor on a French ship which was sunk by the Garfish.

The boy is traumatically shocked when he adds that its captain is none other than his missing father. As the coffins are prepared for burial, Jean wanders off alone and throws away his wrench, deciding that he no longer wishes to invent if technology is so dangerous. Nadia is sad to see him so gloomy and tries to cheer him up.

She succeeds by reminding him of the promise he made to her when they were in France. However, Nemo refuses to make him a crew member, while Electra, and the Grandis gang discourage him even further. Jean is at a loss, until Nadia offers that she has interest in flying again… "only in a craft built by Jean.

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Even so, he refuses help from Hanson, straining his friendship with the latter. Later, however, Jean has a change of heart and decides to ask Hanson for help on making the finest aircraft he can. The aircraft is completed, and Jean takes Nadia on a joyous flight above the clouds.

In doing so, he manages to impress Nadia and reassure her that he will get her to Africa someday. The passengers are mortified by the thought, especially Sanson, who goes into an exaggerated tirade on what an unstably icy place Antarctica really is.

Jean, however, is quite excited by the idea of traveling to a new place. When the submarine arrives at Antarctica, an ancient "shellfish" squid latches onto the Nautilus and threatens to destroy it. The Nautilus attempts to get rid of it by ramming into an iceberg, to no avail. They finally succeed in losing their menace by steering toward an explosive underwater volcano. Unable to endure the excruciating heat, the shellfish lets go and drifts away.

The Nautilus then travels through a tunnel to its subterranean base. They discover wondrous sights -- a massive world tree, frozen dinosaurs, "moving" walkways, and a chamber filled with penguins. But the most spectacular sight of all is a massive and ancient whale named Irion, who happens to be close friends with Nemo. When Nadia speaks to the whale, he reveals that the latter will soon find her father… as well as her own brother. The children then witness a breathtaking aurora on the surface of Antarctica with Captain Nemo.

The episode ends with Jean sharing his newest invention with Nadia and Marie -- a machine that creates ice cream, using the ice from Antarctica. Unfortunately, during the test flight, the engine backfires and the glider spirals out of control, finally exploding in the sky. The crew panics, fearing that Gargoyle will probably discover them because of this incident. Sure enough, they are proven right, because Nemo and the others are forced to take down more Garfish submarines.