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Date: 02.11.2017

The Rescue (1964)

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The trio soon encounter two survivors of a space crash, Vicki and Bennett, who are awaiting a rescue ship that is due to arrive in three days time. Vicki and Bennett live in fear of Koquillion, a bipedal inhabitant of Dido, who is stalking the area. Koquillion encounters the time travellers and attacks, pushing Barbara over a cliff and temporarily trapping Ian and the Doctor. Vicki finds Barbara injured and rescues her from Koquillion, and they share reminiscences.

She is evidently very lonely, having befriended an indigenous Sand Beast for company.

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However, when Ian and the Doctor reach the ship, tempers are fraught because Barbara mistook the Sand Beast for a threat and killed it. The supposedly crippled Bennett is missing, and a tape recorder hides his absence.

He finds a trap door in the floor of the cabin and follows it to a temple carved from rock where he unmasks Koquillion as Bennett. Bennett reveals he killed a crewmember on board the ship and was arrested, but the ship crashed before the crime could be radioed to Earth.

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It was he who killed the crash survivors and the natives of Dido to cover his crime. He has been using the Koquillion alias so that Vicki would back up his story, and had hoped the planet would be destroyed when his version of events was given. Just as Bennett is about to kill the Doctor, two surviving native Didonians arrive and force Bennett to his death over a ledge. They then stop the signal to prevent the Rescue Ship reaching their planet.

Production[ edit ] The Rescue was written as a short vehicle to introduce Vicki as the new companion, replacing Carole Ann Ford Susan when Ford decided she wanted to leave the series, and is thus more character-driven than anything that had preceded it.

In contrast to Susan, Vicki is an Earth orphan from the future; the production team considered many names from here, some of them odd like "Lukki" and "Tanni". Bennett was more unkind to Vicki. Notably, Koquillion had a "torch" device, which he used to paralyse Ian upon meeting and interrogating him and Barbara in the first episode.

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Barry would later cast Archard in The Power of the Daleks This was the first instance of an alias being used in the credits in order to conceal a plot twist in Doctor Who ; the practice would be employed later on to conceal the appearance of villains Davros and the Master.

He was originally scheduled to play one of the Didonians at the end, but for unknown reasons they were played by two uncredited extras, John Stuart and Colin Hughes. As such, there was a six-week break for the regular cast before work on The Rescue began. As they were not designers, Doctor Who designer Raymond Cusick drew what he wanted the spacecraft to look like in more detail than he normally would have.

He drew the spacecraft in flight as well as it wrecked so they could visualise it from the two. To save money, the score is reused from The Daleks, which Barry had partially directed. He selected pieces from episodes one and four through to seven of that serial.