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Date: 10.11.2017

The Governors Daughter (1913)

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She was kind, some said. She reached out to the less fortunate, others recalled. But the cynics like to say that no good deed goes unpunished, and back in , there was someone who had it in for year-old Miss King. A lot has changed in Quamina Street since then. She spent most of her childhood there before heading for Georgetown, where she attended the Ursuline Convent School. Young Dorothy then attended school in London, England, where she was trained in ballet.

Returning to Guyana, King opened her own ballet school at the sprawling Quamina Street residence. King retired from the teaching profession in , but continued to live an active life.

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She had a keen interest in art and Guyanese history and ironically, it now seems, was also a member of the Guyana Human Rights Association. Like I said, the old house had a touch of grandeur.

But it was not the sort of house in which an elderly woman should have lived alone. But Miss King brushed off these fears. It was said that on many occasions, she had actually encountered criminals at her Quamina Street home.

According to these reports, she would patiently speak with them, and sometimes even offer them a meal before showing them to the door. The retired schoolteacher had established a certain routine that some of her neighbours knew of.

The neighbour called a guard who worked nearby. The friend arrived at There were also spots of blood on the floor.

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Summoning another acquaintance, the friend went further inside, and observed marks on the floor that led to the kitchen. And that is where they found Dorothy King. She was lying face down on the floor, with her hands outstretched. Someone had bashed in her skull. A piece of wood about 18 inches long was resting on her back.

An autopsy would later reveal that she was also strangled. Robbery was clearly the motive, since the house was ransacked. A safe that had contained valuables was open, and the contents were missing. There was no sign of forced entry and it was surmised that King had opened her door for someone she had known. King reportedly would look through her window when anyone rapped and then open the door, but only for people she recognized.

From the blood and the smashed spectacles near the door, it was believed that King was attacked as soon as she opened the door. The detectives deduced that King might have let the young woman in, and that the woman, perhaps with an accomplice, may have murdered King.

Other sex workers reportedly went into temporary hiding for fear of being questioned. I was somewhat taken aback to discover that some people were still apprehensive about speaking about the unsolved murder. One male individual hinted that the killer s might be from a neighbouring community.

Pressed further, he said he had given a statement to the police back then and suggested that I check with them. The killers were still around and he refused to say anything further, but gave the impression that he knew a lot. Well, I guess I was hoping for too much. We can be reached on telephone numbers , , or You need not disclose your identity.