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Playboy: Wet & Wild Live! (2002)

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In fact, Jenner and Humphries are barely even known for being athletes anymore. He then went to successfully defending the Champions League title and also won the La Liga title the next season. Which was truly bizarre. Second, Materazzi reportedly provoked the attack. The Disgrace of Gijon , where West Germany and Austria committed one of the most blatant acts of collusion in sports history. After being upset by Algeria earlier in the World Cup tournament, West Germany needed to win to advance, while Austria, having gone undefeated in their play, had only not to lose by three or more goals, as Algeria held the tiebreaker on goals scored.

After West Germany scored ten minutes into the match, both squads were content with just letting the clock run out while simply kicking the ball to each other for the rest of the match. Consequently, this resulted in FIFA making the final pair of group matches in international tournaments always start at the same time. Italy forward Alberto Gilardino did not really grow up to be the superstriker he was seemingly progressing to be after his impressive younger days.

He has since rebuilt his career in Florence-based Fiorentina and is now actually a quite respectable striker. Most pundits and fans outside Italy, however, declared the said incident to be his Moral Event Horizon and he is still remembered mostly for being a flop. After the said fantastic display, he went back to being distinctly average, horrible even.

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Fans, however, always cherished him by fondly remembering his short-lived brilliance. Even soccer fans can apply to this trope. Liverpool supporters may never live down their involvement in the Heysel Stadium tragedy in , which led to the entire English league being banned from international competition for five years. Some people still believe that the Liverpool fans who were crushed to death in the Hillsborough disaster four years later "got what they deserved. Speaking of Liverpool, legendary captain Steven Gerrard a.

Captain Marvel No, not that one, despite the red. He also played for England, racking up appearances, one of only nine England players ever to pass caps, captaining both club and country. In his prime, he was acclaimed by the likes of the aforementioned Zinedine Zidane as possibly the best player on the planet, being renowned for his attacking abilities, defensive abilities, vast range of passing, speed, physical power and leadership.

What is he remembered for? Liverpool were nailed on favourites for the title, having blown all their rivals away with a storm of attacking football.

After beating Manchester City, one of said rivals, Gerrard gathered the team together and said, "We do not let this slip.

Gerrard gets the ball. Otherwise forgettable Chelsea striker Dembe Ba pounces and gallops through to score. Liverpool ultimately lose Their confidence shot, their title challenge collapses, meaning their first title in quarter of a century goes begging. In The World Cup final at that. Pretty much everyone involved in the final will likely have this trope on them. Ronaldo was known for many things, including being one of the greatest footballers of his generation, marrying to a few supermodels, and being a little overweight.

But then an incident with transsexuals ended up in the media. He claims he thought they were women, but still became the "transvestite-loving-player".

Thankfully he resurrected his football career with Corinthians, and now this incident is kind of forgotten. Left Cicarelli to get a transvestite! After he admitted to having sexual encounters with a year old prostitute earlier in his career , Rooney has been dubbed a "granny shagger" by rival fans. One of the most tragic examples: He was shot and killed in Colombia ten days later. England goalie Robert Green in the World Cup. This meant being expected to beat the Americans, seen as a second tier team at best, handily in their opening match.

Indeed, they took the lead. The USA eventually advanced out of group play, while England never really seemed to recover from that blunder, going down to Germany in the next round, and, to add insult to injury having what would have been an equalising goal at down ruled out. Eric Cantona was one of the most outrageously talented footballers of all time and won a clutch of top-level trophies with various clubs, most notably Manchester United, but he is most remembered for a flying kick at an abusive fan during an English Premier League match in Martin Palermo, striker from Argentina, got infamous for missing three penalties in one match.

Yet the most memorable fact about him is missing a penalty in the World Cup final. Likewise, Zico, a brilliant Brazilian player, is always remembered for missing a penalty in the game Brazil was eliminated in the World Cup. Although Baggio is also remembered for his distinctive hairdo — not for nothing was he known as "The Divine Ponytail". While it may be too early to conclude this, Thierry Henry will always be remembered as the French soccer player who hand-balled twice!!

Speaking of famous World Cup handballs, Diego Maradona is notorious for the infamous "Hand of God" his own term, at that goal in the World Cup quarter-final against England. The English are still holding a grudge. Of course, people also recall the next goal he scored in that match clearly enough to get it voted the Goal of the Century on the FIFA website in , with even English fans admitting that it was just that good. Except for one match.

As a result, he went down in history as the man who cost England the World Cup.

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Referee Graham Poll is known mainly for his blunder in the World Cup, during a game between Croatia and Australia. Needless to say, he was not chosen to officiate in later rounds of the Cup, and he voluntarily decided not to officiate in tournament soccer games again.

Carlos Caszely, one of the most important players in Chilean soccer history, is still remembered mainly because of the penalty kick he lost while playing for the national team against Austria during the World Cup. Twenty-five years later, he had a symbolic revenge against Austrian goalkeeper Friedl Koncilia who barely remembered the penalty , and also participated in a number of ads referencing that event. Meanwhile, Team Canada has developed a reputation as a bunch of whiners, for the way they acted after the game.

They had been warned about that going into halftime. It got so bad that FIFA actually threatened sanctions against them. However, all of that has been overshadowed by one incident. During a charity match organized by Stiliyan Petrov, he tackled and injured an up-and-coming rookie named Louis Tomlinson.

Yes, that Louis Tomlinson. Because of that incident, fans of One Direction have bombarded Agbonlahor with death threats, but he has become a hero for many One Direction haters as well. Clarence Seedorf was a relatively successful Dutch footballer with a decent career.

And by decent, we mean that he won the Champions League four times with three separate teams: For perspective, Manchester United, one of the most historically successful clubs in the world, have only won it three times in their entire history, and until , any club that won it 5 times got to keep the trophy, with a new one being made for the next tournament.

He misses one shot at an open goal, it gets put into a One-Hit Wonder about there being "Life after death" and now nobody will ever forget. This was probably helped along by the fact that it was on the cover of several magazines around America after the team won. Then again, it could have been much worse; Chastain was already under fire for making an own goal in the previous leg of the tournament.

Making the winning penalty one match later means everyone all but forgot about the own goal. Brazilian supporters of a team will never forget seasons where the rival was relegated Fluminense in particular has a twofer: First, he competely misses a fairly simple one-on-one chance in the World Cup final match against Germany. In Argentina, his achievements at club level will very likely be ignored on behalf of those three key missed goal chances As well as the penalty.

The comparisons to Snorlax skyrocketed since that match. Gary Lineker is widely considered to be one of the best English strikers of all time, regularly banging in goals for England, Leicester City, FC Barcelona, and Tottenham Hotspur whilst never being booked throughout his career. Lineker himself admits that he will mainly be known as "The Crisp Bloke" by younger fans.

Cue Leicester winning the Prem in John Terry is well known as one of the best defenders to play for England and Chelsea. However, several incidents have continued to dog him for the rest of his career: In , he was involved in an adultery scandal with the girlfriend of his former teammate Wayne Bridge. While he was eventually found not guilty of the aforementioned charge though he was stripped of his captaincy of the England national team , Terry has since been labeled a "racist" by rival fans, as demonstrated by this Manchester United chant.

Cue several jokes and memes about John Terry celebrating random unrelated events in full Chelsea gear e. Pulis himself also has this reputation. Not to mention Louis van Gaal during his ill-fated Man United stint. Ever since then, van Gaal was roundly criticized for transforming Manchester United known for beautiful, skillful football throughout most of their history into a dreary, long-ball side. Chris Wondolowski is one of the best forwards in both San Jose Earthquakes and MLS history, having scored at least 10 goals for 8 straight seasons and having a career goal tally of , 4th in MLS history.

He went on to make himself a household name His treatment after the miss is still a sore spot for many Earthquakes fans. For American fans of the beautiful game, this ugly ending was incredibly hard to watch and one that will sting for a long time.

Auto Racing Above all, a driver who died in action will likely most be remembered for the accident that took their life above all else, such as Dale Earnhardt and Dan Wheldon. Then again, history repeats. At least Nelson Jr. However, since he won the inaugural championship of this series, it might be his best opportunity to put Crashgate behind him.

He was infamous for his Spa-Francorchamps start in , where he horrifyingly crashed out a series of potential world championships in the very first corner, and therefore got a race ban.

The thing is, though Grosjean has vastly improved over the following seasons, he is still remembered as a crash maniac, along with an arguably more aggressive driver like Pastor Maldonaldo. Inversion of Piquet Jr? Ultimately, though, they all missed the track. And many will forget that it was caused by a mechanical failure due to a faulty part installed in his rear suspension, something which was proven when teammate Jamie McMurray had the same failure twenty laps later and triggered a multi-car wreck in the tri-oval.