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Date: 13.08.2017

Last Exit (2007)

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Plot[ edit ] Mr. Burns sits in his office awaiting the union leader, who mysteriously disappeared after promising to clean up the union, so that they can discuss the proposed union contract.

While perusing the contract, Mr. Burns becomes disgusted with the union demands and reminisces about simpler times in which disgruntled workers were simply walled up in coke ovens. Burns then decides to take on the union, and revokes their dental plan.

Meanwhile, at Painless Dentistry, the Simpson children are getting their teeth checked. It is discovered Lisa needs braces. When Marge informs Homer , he tells her not to worry about the cost, as the union had won a dental plan during a previous strike. Later, at a meeting of the local chapter of International Brotherhood of Jazz Dancers, Pastry Chefs and Nuclear Technicians, Carl announces that the newest contract requires the union to give up their dental plan in exchange for a free keg of beer for their meeting.

Carl proposes Homer be the new union president and he is promptly elected by a nearly unanimous vote.

Burns watches Homer on his hidden camera, and is intimidated by his energy. Burns invites Homer to his office with the intent of bribing him, but Homer misconstrues Mr.

Homer quickly gets to his feet, saying he does not go for those " back door shenanigans " and promptly leaves, a series of events which establishes the idea in Mr. Burns sends hired goons to the Simpson house in order to take Homer back to Mr.

Burns is setting the agenda for the discussion, Homer is struck by the urgent need to use the rest room. Burns where the rest room is and immediately leaves, leading Mr. Burns to conclude that Homer is a tough negotiator who is unwilling to even hear him out.

At a later union meeting, Homer tries to resign, tired of meeting with Mr. The union misunderstands his frustration, and the members nearly unanimously decide to strike. Burns is undeterred by the strike and tries several methods of breaking it up, but fails. Burns is allowed an opening tirade and he threatens dire events if the strike is not concluded. Burns and Smithers march to a secret room in the Power Plant and turn off the power for the entire town.

The strikers do not lose hope and begin to sing.

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Burns finally calls a meeting with Homer to concede to their demands on one condition: Homer celebrates madly, leading Mr. Burns to finally realize that Homer is not the "brilliant tactician" he thought he was.

With the Simpson family insured again, Lisa gets her perfect new braces and she, the Simpson family, and the dentist gather and laugh. The writers of the episode, Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky , would later add the dental plan aspect of the plot.

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Wolfe, but they both turned the role down. In the end, the role went to Simpsons regular Hank Azaria. As well, the original panelist on Smartline was supposed to be O.

Simpson , but he turned it down, much to the relief of the writers when Simpson was later tried for murder. This included changing the name of the short sequence to "purple submersible"; Paul McCartney calls her " Lisa in the Sky ", while George Harrison notes "no diamonds though".

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This is a reference to the cockatoo in Citizen Kane. Last Exit is a glorious symphony of the high and the low, of satirical shots at unions. The scene in the episode in which Mr. Burns shows his room with a thousand monkeys working at a thousand typewriters, a reference to the infinite monkey theorem , has inspired a real-life experiment about the theorem.