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Date: 28.08.2017

Gidget Goes Bi (1990)

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In some sort of weird twist on The Danza , both ending themes for Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea are performed by Nagi Yanagi. Gundam Build Fighters engages in a lot of this by having several characters played by Gundam veterans. However, the biggest example has to be Mr. Ral, who not only looks identical to and acts a lot like Anti-Villain Ramba Ral from the original series , but is played by the same actor, Masashi Hirose. Since the Gundam anime exists in the Build Fighters, this also creates an odd example of Celebrity Paradox.

The gag went further due to the names of the characters involved: It gets deeper than that: Satomi Arai once voiced a lesbian Pettanko character who admires an older-looking lightning user, specifically Kuroko Shirai and then she voiced a different lesbian Pettanko character who admires an older-looking lightning user, namely Shiroyasha.

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Mutsumi Tamura previously played Dejima in Seitokai Yakuindomo , a maid who was in love with her mistress. She ends up playing Kobayashi, a woman whose maid is in love with her. Yuko Goto is known for playing Mikuru , who was often forcibly dressed up as a maid. Her role as Georgie loves to dress up as and pretend to be a maid. The Sonic cameo was voice by Yamil Atala, who actually voiced Sonic in another series. In The Star the voice of the Blessed Virgin Mary is supplied by Gina Rodriguez , best known for playing another young woman who got pregnant without having sex beforehand.

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Films — Live-Action Sunset Boulevard: Gloria Swanson, who was an over the hill, forgotten silent movie actress, plays an over the hill silent movie actress. She employs a butler who was once a famous, now forgotten, silent film director.

This part is played by the once famous, then forgotten silent film director Erich von Stroheim. Carrie Fisher has a cameo in Scream 3 as "Bianca" who is bitter over losing out for the role of Princess Leia to another actress. The fact that they played different characters added to the level of hilarious.

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Sigourney Weaver plays a blonde! In the same film, Tim Allen is very convincing as a washed-up TV star, and Alan Rickman is excellent as a respected Shakespearean actor playing a role far below his ability. In Avatar , Sigourney Weaver fights to protect the aliens.

And the film is by the same director of Aliens. In Shakespeare in Love , Ben Affleck has a small role as a big name actor who is tricked into accepting a small role in Romeo and Juliet.

David Duchovny in Zoolander as a conspiracy nut. Of course, the character is played by Roger Moore, who was one of the James Bond actors.

Freaky Friday wanted to do this with Jodie Foster who played the daughter in the original Freaky Friday now playing the mother, however she declined. Jackson who serves with his permission as the model for the appearance and personality of the Ultimate Marvel version of Fury. Within the comic The Ultimates itself, when the team was amusing themselves speculating on who would play them in the movie about their adventures, Fury said that he would of course be played by Samuel L.

A popular theory is that Jackson, a real-life comics fan, agreed to provide his likeness for the Ultimate Universe Nick Fury, with the understanding that if ever there was a movie with Nick Fury, he would get to play the role. Guitarist Tom Morello appears as one of the terrorists who try to kill the first Iron Man suit. To get the gag you have to remember that he is most famous for playing with " Rage Against the Machine ".

Morello later co-scored the sequel And then there were the endless jokes about casting Robert Downey Jr. And now he will be playing Sherlock Holmes , who had a bit of a thing for cocaine. A Casting Gag played as Actor Allusion , the title character played by Mel Gibson is in a bank as it is held up by an unnamed bank robber played by Danny Glover, who starred alongside Gibson in the Lethal Weapon series of movies.

Maverick acts as though he recognises the voice of the bank robber and pulls down his mask, leading the two of them to share a moment before shaking their heads and walking away. Further, The film features The Unseen father of Bret Maverick — who, just coincidentally, happens to be played by none other than James Garner , who originated the role of Maverick on TV.