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General format[ edit ] In all versions of 1 vs. Depending on the format of the game, the player can be selected randomly from the Mob, or selected independently.

To win the game outright, the One must eliminate all members of the Mob by answering questions correctly. After having the opportunity to select a difficulty level or a category in some versions, a multiple-choice question with three options is revealed on some versions, such as the U.

The Mob is given a short amount of time 15 seconds on the US show, 10 seconds on the Brazilian version, 6 seconds for other versions, such as Australia to lock in their answer before The One is given the opportunity to answer the question.

If the One is correct, all Mob members that answered the question incorrectly are eliminated from further play, bringing the lone contestant closer to winning the game. If the contestant eliminates all mob members, he or she claims all the money in the bank or a fixed top prize. However, if the One is incorrect, the game ends and he or she leaves with nothing. The One can select from a limited number of "helps," "escapes" or "dodges" depending on the version; escapes or dodges exempt the player from having to answer the question, but part of the bank must be forfeited except in France, see below.

In some versions of the game, the contestant is given the opportunity to take the amount in the bank and leave the game in between questions. Some versions even have "jokers," mob members who are worth a certain amount rather than the standard amount for the question should they be eliminated after a question is answered correctly. There are usually three on versions that have them.

Helps[ edit ] Unlike the European and Hong Kong versions of the show, there are no "dodges" or "doublers" on the American version of the show. Instead, each player receives opportunities to receive assistance from the mob, known as "helps". Originally there were two helps, which could only be used in order. Starting with the sixth episode, a third option was added, the three helps were given names, and players could choose any of the three at any point in the game.

During "Poll The Mob" originally the first help , the player selects one of the three answers to get more information about.

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The number of "mob" players who chose that answer is revealed, and the contestant chooses one of the revealed mob members to discuss his or her response. For "Ask The Mob" originally the second help , two mob members are randomly selected: Each explains his or her decision to the contestant, which in turn also eliminates the third choice from consideration.

If everyone in the mob either got the question right or wrong, the choice is not shown and the two mob members are not selected it happened once on Brazil, when the one faced exactly two remaining contestants on the mob.

For "Trust The Mob" added in episode 6 , the contestant is automatically committed to the most popular answer the mob gave. The American version has also incorporated the "Sneak Peek," which allows a player to see their next question but not the three answers before deciding whether or not to answer the next question. In , it was used when a player eliminated 90 or more members of the mob.

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After only two people managed to do so, it eventually became available once a player has used all their helps in season two. Changes to the American version[ edit ] The season brought a noticeable change to the set of 1 vs. The version brought many noticeable changes, the largest of all being a mob playing via individual webcams being displayed on a large screen.