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Defence of Madrid (1936)

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October 3 In order to legitimise the rebellion inside and outside Spain, Franco establishes a civil government for the "National Zone". This Civil Junta has practically no say in any matter, because at the beginning of their uprising the insurgent generals declared a State of War covering all of Spain.

The Spanish Republic will now, three months into the uprising, be able to buy armaments and ammunition. Unlike the "National Zone", which is supplied openly over the Portuguese border, the Republic still suffers under the closed French border and the "Non-Intervention" blockade at sea.

October 7 The first International Brigades are founded in Albacete. The plan is to organize the loyal portion of the former army, along with the militias, under a modern and efficient officers corps with a central command. Unamuno is later removed as rector of the university and confined to his house. He will die of chagrin in December. October 14 Nationalist troops from the Canary Islands disembark at Bata and take control of the continental part of Spanish Guinea.

October 27 The first Russian tanks arrive in Madrid. The heavily armored T tanks, which weigh more than 10 tons apiece, drive from the central train station directly into battle. The defenders of Madrid, who until now had to use Molotov cocktails glass bottles filled with gasoline and burning cloth against the German and Italian tanks on the Nationalist side, gain the ability to slow the Nationalist advance.

October 27 16 people dead and 60 wounded in Nationalist air raid against Madrid. One bomb falls into a queue of women waiting for milk for their children.

This is the first bombing in modern history without any military purpose, other than to spread terror among the civilian population. The air raid was made by German pilots in Junkers Jus.

Spanish Civil War Chronology 1936

Madrid has no air defenses to prevent enemy aircraft from flying over the city. An army of roughly 25, men arrive the suburbs of Madrid. Italian planes drop leaflets demanding the citizens to help them to take the city, "otherwise the National aviation will wipe Madrid off the earth".

November 2 The first Russian aircraft over Madrid surprise the Nationalist bombers. The Republican aviation had till now only a handful of obsolete machines, but today the people of Madrid can see the first Russian "Chatos" defending the city.

Citizens stand in the streets and watch the sky, ignoring the alarms and the calls for shelter. Several attacking aircraft are shot down; some Russian aircraft are also shot down by Italian Fiats guarding the bombers. One Russian pilot suffers a horrible death: After his machine is destroyed by an Italian Fiat he saves himself with a jump out of his burning plane, his parachute brings him safely to the city, but he is lynched by a mob of furious citizens, who think he is a German Nazi from the Condor Legion.

November 4 Four Anarchist ministers join the Republican government: The Nationalists take the Madrid suburb Getafe. After a heavy attack by Moorish cavalry, tanks, and aircraft, the defenders are completely defeated. The wounded are walking disorientated over the battlefield, the organization of the defense in this area breaks down.

Falangist General Varela tells foreign journalists in a press conference: Nationalist casualties are mounting but still tolerable: November 5 For the first time, the Republican air force forces attacking bombers and their escort to break up the attack on Madrid before they even reach the city. November 6 After heavy fighting which causes his forces casualties, Yague occupies the suburb Carabanchel and the strategically important hill Cerro de los Angeles.

With that, the Nationalists are standing on the door to Madrid, whose defense is organized under the newly created Junta de Defensa de Madrid directed by General Jose Miaja. The Republican government moves to Valencia. November 7 The attack on Madrid. Nationalists gain important bridges on the way to the inner city. Both sides suffer heavily. Yague loses today men, mostly Legionnaires and Moors; he is seriously worried by the mounting casualties to his Africa veterans.

Franco declares that he will be listening the very next day the holy measures in the cathedral of Madrid. November 8—9 All-out assault on Madrid. The International Brigades arrive. The defenders are running out of ammunition; on several points the front is close to breaking; in the University City the enemy pushes through the Republican lines. This is the moment when the first "Internationals" arrive in Madrid. The shocked citizens think in the first moment that the Nationalists are in the inner city when they see 3, uniformed and disciplined soldiers marching in.

The members, mostly German, Polish, and Italian veterans of World War I and of German concentration camps, start to sing revolutionary songs and the "Internationale".

The citizens rush out of their houses and sing and shout for joy. The "Brigadistas" march immediately to the front, and throw themselves unflinchingly into battle. In the War Ministry of Madrid, telegrams are arriving congratulating General Franco on his victorious entry, but only Republican officers are there to read them. When the Moroccan mercenaries of Franco break through the Republican lines in direction of the Model Prison, General Miaja himself drives to the threatened sector, takes his pistol in one hand and shouts at the retreating soldiers: Die in your trenches.

Die with your General. All over the city, citizens, women as well as the men, are reinforcing the trenches, taking the rifles from dead or wounded soldiers. Around mostly political prisoners are massacred by their Republican Militia guards today in Paracuellos del Jarama. The prisoners, most of them accused Nationalists, were to be evacuated to Valencia from Madrid to prevent their liberation by Nationalist troops. Their Guards decide to join the defense of Madrid, kill all of the prisoners and return to Madrid.

Nationalist casualties are They left the Saragossa Front to help defend Madrid. November 18 Italy and Germany recognize the Franco government.

Everybody expects the fall of Madrid within hours. Franco throws everything he has into the battle, German aircraft are fighting over Madrid, and both countries expect this diplomatic step to strengthen the position of Franco and weaken the stand and the morale of the Republic. The Durruti Column has been fighting in the University City without rest since the 15th, only of the 3, survive, and those are completely exhausted. Durruti will launch an attack at the University hospital the next day.

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Between the 11th and the 18th, the Nationalist attackers have suffered 1, casualties; they have forced a wedge inside the Ciudad Universitaria but failed to control it or to advance into the capital.

November 19 Anarchist leader Buenaventura Durruti is gravely wounded during the fighting in Madrid. The Durruti Column launches their attack on the University hospital, held by the Nationalists. It is suspected that he may have shot from behind by one of his men, either by accident or possibly in an intentional effort to stop the suicidal attack.

What actually happened remains controversial. Nationalist casualties today are with no terrain won at all; the offensive has stalled and turned into what Mola and Yague most feared, a close-quarters fight in urban environment. November 20 Buenaventura Durruti dies at 6 a. The Nationalists suffer a further casualties while repulsing furious counter-attacks against Carabanchel and Vertice Basurero. The execution is carried out by the new Communist civil governor of Alicante, without awaiting the confirmation of sentence by the government.

This breaking of the law and insubordination angered Largo Caballero , but the Republic is already dependent on Soviet supplies and the Spanish Communist Party.

This Party starts to act as a state within the state. November 23 Battle of Madrid ends; with both sides exhausted, a front stabilizes. After 2 weeks, Franco has to give up his plans of taking the city.

He now begins preparing himself and his allies for a long and expensive war. December 17 New government constituted in Aragon. The new Consejo de Aragon has a clear majority of Anarchists. The front-line in Aragon is basically formed by Anarchist and Socialist militia. Some areas and villages in Aragon start immediately with the "revolution", what means the reorganization of public life under Anarchist ideals, foundation of communes and self-organization of factories and farms.

Some of the villages replace money with coupons handed out by the local authorities. December 24 Thousands have to spend the Christmas days in the trenches on the front.

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Many refugees have nowhere to go and have to stay at subway stations and refugee camps. December 31 Miguel de Unamuno dies in his house in Salamanca.

As soon as they got notice of the death of their father, his two sons enlist themselves in the Antifascist Militias.