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Date: 25.12.2017

Chris Gets His Tonsils Out (1991)

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YMMV "Just like Archer and his away team find themselves infected and transformed by an outside agent, Enterprise itself has been radically altered by the realities of the War on Terror. Enterprise The Reality Subtext extends past the Fourth Wall to issues surrounding the production itself or on an even larger scale.

During the creation of a work, the rest of the world and its struggles go on. Maybe the author or actor is having relationship issues, or drug issues, or got pregnant, or someone close to them died.

Or something major happened in the world: Often these events have an effect on the work, but not one that is visible to the viewer or reader unless they are privy to that outside knowledge.

Some subtext is only speculative , and some comes from first hand sources such as interviews and DVD Commentary. Either way, it is either not intentionally called out within the work, or the reference is oblique except to those who are "in on it". May overlap with Creator Breakdown.

However, the day the commercial was being shot, it began to pour rain and would not let up. This forced the creators to change the ad concept on the fly. Spieth trying to pass time while waiting for rain to let up so he can film a Coke commercial. In , the stars of some of the shows they ran such as Judge Judy , Seinfeld and Baywatch did a few plugs for the station, but unfortunately a lot of them pronounced "Oregon" as "Ore-gone".

So they made an ad campaign poking fun at this, with some local personalities joining in on the fun. In Real Life , Nosaka watched his little sister die of starvation the same way the main character of the movie did. That the said main character later starves to death on the floor of JNR Sannomiya Station in the opening of the film should tell you a bit about how he still feels about that. The author of the Light Novel Welcome to the N. Also, the dub of the anime based on the book cast Chris Patton as the lead character.

Patton has admitted to having anxiety issues including a time in high school where he refused to leave his room.

Earl Boen - IMDb

Takotsuboya, known for his Dark Fic doujins, comes from a background of soul crushing tragedy of failure after failure as he wanted to become a mangaka but failed in his dreams completely. The infamous masturbation scene from End of Evangelion is often cited as an especially blatant middle finger aimed at the audience. Likewise, Anno later recovered and eventually entered into a happy marriage. Shortly thereafter, his mental health plummeted once again for the third movie One can feel the influence of the great earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan on certain parts of the film.

This left him to long for a superhero who punished the wicked after every legal recourse has failed. A little research into The Golden Age of Comic Books later, he found some early Spectre stories that were just up that alley, and voila.

The Image Comics miniseries Shattered Image was intended to be a reverse Crisis on Infinite Earths , where the characters from the various studios making up Image would be briefly shunted off into separate universes, then joined back together, mostly.

This is largely a nod to their very first battle in court. Comic writers have since explored this decades later by having the two of them fight one another in the panels.

Not too long after, he was fired for publicly speaking out against the Executive Meddling his run had received. His earlier storyline with the team captured by Anansi was also commentary on Executive Meddling. Anansi rewrites reality and causes a bunch of For Want of a Nail moments that result in a radically different Justice League, mirroring the way Dwayne felt his own storylines were being twisted and taken away from him.

Wolverine one-shot without consulting him, as David had planned on revealing that Leeds was the Hobgoblin. Way back in Fantastic Four 12, Reed said that the team had redesigned their Fantasticar because "fans throughout the country" had complained about how stupid it looked.

Amazing Spider-Man October, included a story by Tom DeFalco where the Daily Bugle is facing financial problems and has to lay off much of its personnel.

Successful Outcomes of Apricot Seeds to Cure Their Cancer

Meaning that established supporting characters such as Kate Cushing were Put on a Bus , with their fates in doubt. Peter Parker himself, who had only recently returned to New York City with the promise of a permanent staff position, was among those fired and faced an unstable future. The story reportedly served as a way for DeFalco to work "through his feelings" concerning the ongoing financial difficulties of Marvel Comics and a series of Marvel staff layoffs.

Some were staffers which DeFalco himself had hired for Marvel, and he felt partly responsible for the company letting them go like this. Per "The Life of Reilly": It is the story of an immortal man who is tired of his long life and seeks death.

He describes himself as "tired, and old and lonely". A few years before Stan Lee introduced Doctor Strange , he created a similar, but far less successful supernatural hero named Doctor Druid.

The two characters had strikingly similar origin stories, and many comic historians have commented that Druid was likely a precursor of sorts to Strange. Many years later, Avengers Spotlight 37 revealed that Doctor Druid and Doctor Strange had actually been empowered by the same man, the Ancient One, and that Druid had essentially been used as a guinea pig to make sure that it would be safe for the Ancient One to make Strange the new Sorcerer Supreme: But I never imagined I was simply While this fits in-universe, it also references the fact that from , the character was put through a lot of shit by DC editorial.

She was turned into an evil Dragon Lady , then stripped of the Batgirl title so that she could be replaced by Stephanie Brown, then dumped into Comic-Book Limbo , and then brought out of limbo and given a new identity only to be Retconned out of history after the New In The Just 1, a character reacts in surprise at seeing a comic book and asks if people even read them anymore.