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A Gallery of Archetypes Appendix: A Gallery of Archetypes The archetypes listed here in boldface type are just a few of the many ancient patterns that exist in human consciousness.

Many additional archetypes that are closely related are mentioned in parentheses, such as Hermit found under Mystic , Therapist under Healer , or Pirate under Rebel.

Remember that all archetypes are essentially neutral and manifest in both light and shadow attributes. Accordingly, I have tried to include both sets of attributes for each listing, along with cues to help you determine whether a given archetype may be part of your lifelong support team of twelve.

In evaluating whether an archetype is part of your intimate group, pay special attention to whether you can perceive a pattern of influence throughout your history, rather than only isolated or recent incidents. Never evaluate your connection to an archetype only by obvious markers. You have to stretch your imagination and burrow into yourself to discover your life patterns, lessons, and gifts. This inner knowledge does not surface easily.

The only question is how much of our lives is consumed by it. Besides the usual suspects—drugs, alcohol, food, and sex—one can be addicted to work, sports, television, exercise, computer games, spiritual practice, negative attitudes, and the kinds of thrills that bring on adrenaline rushes. In its positive aspect, this archetype helps you recognize when an outside substance, habit, relationship, or any expression of life has more authority over your will power than does your inner spirit.

Confronting addiction and breaking the hold that a pattern or substance has on you can impart great strength to your psyche. Discovering the empowerment that comes with perseverance has a life-long impact, becoming a reference point for what you are able to accomplish.

People who are extremely intellectual or emotional frequently have a close link to this archetype, because they struggle to balance these powers.

Without this internal balance, the will may give up its power to an external substance that exerts authority, providing shadow order to your life. The shadow Addict compromises your integrity and honesty. Many addicts, for example, steal as a means of supporting their habit.

Although that challenge is a part of all of our lives, the degree to which an addiction controls you and your lifestyle determines whether the Addict is part of your intimate family of twelve. For instance, you can be inconsistent in your exercise program yet quite disciplined in your spiritual practice.

Needing a substance or practice or person so intensely or regularly that you compromise relationships, finances, integrity, character, or emotional and psychological well-being, however, indicates that you should look very seriously at this archetype as a possible choice. People who relate to this archetype have recognized early on a passion to transform social concerns, specifically in behalf of others.

Symbolically, they are dedicated to inspiring the empowerment of groups or causes that are unable to be empowered on their own. The Advocate needs public expression, even if only through writing or artwork. The shadow Advocate manifests in false or negative causes or in committing to causes for personal gain.

In evaluting your connection with this archetype, you should ask yourself how much of your life is dedicated to social causes and a willingness to take action. David in the Hebrew Bible, the Jewish champion who slew the much larger Goliath ; Hakuim a pre-Islamic deity of southern Arabia who administers justice and oversees arbitration. Alchemist Wizard, Magician, Scientist, Inventor—see also Visionary These archetypes share the common trait of converting some form of matter into an altered expression of itself.

The Wizard and Magician produce results outside the ordinary rules of life, whether causing people to fall in love or objects to disappear. Whereas a Wizard is associated with supernatural powers, the Magician tends to be seen more as an entertainer.

The Alchemist is associated with vain attempts to turn base metals into gold, but in its highest manifestation it seeks complete spiritual transformation. You may identify with this archetype if you are interested in a path of spiritual development that is aligned to the mystery schools or study of the laws of the universe.

From this perspective, Nostradamus and Isaac Newton could both be classified as Alchemists. The shadow sides of these archetypes are found in the misuse of the power and knowledge that comes through them. Seduction and trickery brought about through magic and wizardry play on the desires of many people to transform their lives.

For the Alchemist or Wizard to be one of your circle of twelve, it needs to be associated with your physical life in some significant way. Perhaps your work or living situation demands that you be especially inventive or interventionist on a regular basis.

The shadow Wizard manifests either as the use of ingenuity for criminal or unethical purposes or as feelings of superiority based on high intellect. Bradley; the Harry Potter series by J.

The Miracle Worker by William Gibson. Rumpelstiltskin who spun straw into gold. Almost every cultural and religious tradition on earth features angels of some description, including belief in a personal Guardian Angel in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions.

Angels are typically represented as winged beings who intervene in times of great need or for the purpose of delivering a message of guidance or instruction from God to humans. Artists who paint their images, for example, authors who write about their interaction with humans, and those whose lives in some way provide a channel through which their presence is physically manifested exhibit a rapport with the angelic realm.

One may also play the role of a Fairy Godmother or Godfather by helping someone in need either anonymously or with no expectation of any return. The shadow side of this archetype manifests through people who make claims to be in touch with angelic guidance for the sake of control or ego enhancement, or who act innocent or angelic to mislead others about their true nature.

From a biblical perspective, the shadow Angel is frequently associated with Satan or Lucifer, but the Devil or Demon should also be considered as a unique archetype.

Touched by an Angel Fairy Tales: Angiris Hindu angels who preside over sacrifices ; Uriel in rabbinic lore, the angel who wrestled with Jacob ; Gabriel archangel who appeared to Mary in the Gospels and recited the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad ; Sijil Islamic angels overseeing the heavenly scrolls ; Tenshi Japanese angels who are messengers of the gods and helpers of humanity ; Lucifer and Iblis in medieval Christian and Islamic belief, respectively, evil angels who work to destroy human souls ; Fravashis ancient Zoroastrian guardian angels who guide the souls of the dead to heaven ; Ombwiri tribal guardian angels and ancestor spirits in central Africa ; Athena goddess who frequently comes to the aid of Odysseus in The Odyssey Artist Artisan, Craftsperson, Sculptor, Weaver The Artist archetype embodies the passion to express a dimension of life that is just beyond the five senses.

The Artist psyche is animated with the energy to express it into physical forms.

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The nature or relative grandeur of any form of expression is irrelevant; a chef can be as much of an artist as a painter or landscaper. The signature of artists is not in what they do but in how intense their motivation is to manifest the extraordinary. Doing what you do in such a way that you create an emotional field that inspires others also indicates the Artist energy at work, as does the emotional and psychological need to express yourself so much that your well-being is wrapped up in this energy.

The shadow Artist comprises many cliches, including an eccentric nature and the madness that often accompanies genius. The Starving Artist represents the fear of financial ruin or the belief that fame and fortune come only after death, which often cause artists to suppress their talents.

In evaluating your relationship to this archetype, recognize that the need to bring art to others, such as dedicating part of the energy of your life to supporting artists, is as much an expression of the Artist archetype as actually holding a brush in your hand.

Amadeus by Peter Schaffer Fiction: Gepetto in Pinocchio, by Carlo Collodi. Athlete Olympian This archetype represents the ultimate expression of the strength of the human spirit as represented in the power and magnificence of the human body.

A link to the Athlete should not be evaluated by whether your physical skill is on par with that of professionals or whether your body is perfect in form and function. A person dedicated to transcending the limits of a physical handicap qualifies as much for this archetype as the professional or artistic athlete, because the development of personal will power and strength of spirit is a requirement for the body to manifest its perfection.

The shadow may also appear as a lack of honor that compels you to cheat to win. The Tortoise and the Hare. Atalanta female athlete in Greek myth ; Smertios Celtic war-god portrayed as a bearded athlete ; Nike feminine personification of victory in Greek myth, who runs and flies at great speed.

Samson Nazarite strongman and biblical Judge ; Achilles Greek warrior known for his exceptional might, and the hero of the Iliad ; Smertrios Celtic-Gallic god of war depicted as a bearded athlete. Avenger Avenging Angel, Savior, Messiah This archetype and its related manifestations respond to a need to balance the scales of justice, sometimes by employing aggressive techniques.

Attorneys who work for the impoverished or disadvantaged, or who volunteer part of their time for pr bono work are modern avengers. Bringing war criminals to trial or legally pursuing corporations that harm society are examples of the Avenger on a global scale, fueled by a sense of righteousness in behalf of society. The Avenging Angel is an expression of this archetype of mythic proportions that suggests that one is on a mission from God, as in the case of Joan of Arc.

On the global level, the shadow manifests as avenging perceived immoral behavior by resorting to violence, from acts of ecoterroism to bombing abortion clinics. Gandhi countered the shadow of social vengeance by emphasizing passive resistance to illegitimate authority. In evaluating your connection to this archetype, review your life for experiences in which your primary motivation was to defend or represent a cause in behalf of others. One instance is not enough. You need to relate to this archetype as a primary force through which many of the choices and actions of your life are directed.

A burning desire to get even can be so forceful that you organize a lifetime around meeting that end. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper S. It is easy to believe that the archetype of the Beggar is solely a negative one, but that is an illusion. A person need hardly be starving for food to be considered a Beggar.

From a symbolic perspective, the Beggar archetype represents a test that compels a person to confront self-empowerment beginning at the base level of physical survival. Learning about the nature of generosity, compassion, and self-esteem are fundamental to this archetypal pattern. Patrick Swazye in City of Hope.

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Lazarus the beggar in Luke Bully Coward The archetype of the Bully manifests the core truth that the spirit is always stronger than the body. Conventional wisdom holds that underneath a bully is a coward trying to keep others from discovering his true identity. Symbolically, the Coward within must stand up to being bullied by his own inner fears, which is the path to empowerment through these two archetypes.

The Wounded Child, for example, can be so needy that it is almost impossible for the Magical Child to manifest its qualities. At the same time, because every one of the Child aspects is present in various degrees of strength in every psyche, similar patterns often overlap, making it hard to distinguish which one you relate to most intensely. When this is the case, choose one and include the specific qualities that you relate to in the other archetype as you investigate the psyche of this archetype in your life.

The pattern in these stories is reflected in the lives of people who feel from birth as if they are not a part of their family, including the family psyche or tribal spirit. Yet precisely because orphans are not allowed into the family circle, they have to develop independence early in life. The absence of family influences, attitudes, and traditions inspires or compels the Orphan Child to construct an inner reality based on personal judgment and experience.

Orphans who succeed at finding a path of survival on their own are celebrated in fairy tales and folk stories as having won a battle with a dark force, which symbolically represents the fear of surviving alone in this world.

The shadow aspect manifests when orphans never recover from growing up outside the family circle. Feelings of abandonment and the scar tissue from family rejection stifle their maturation, often causing them to seek surrogate family structures in order to experience tribal union.

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Therapeutic support groups become shadow tribes or families for an Orphan Child who knows deep down that healing these wounds requires moving on to adulthood. Identifying with the Orphan begins by evaluating your childhood memories, paying particular attention to whether your painful history arises from the feeling that you were never accepted as a family member. The Changeling by Thomas Middleton. Romulus and Remus twins of Roman myth who were cast into the Tiber, miraculously rescued by a she-wolf, and went on to found Rome ; Moses; Havelock the Dane in medieval romance, the orphan son of Birkabegn, King of Denmark, cast adrift by treacherous guardians but found and raised by a British fisherman, and eventually made King of Denmark and part of England.

Wounded The Wounded Child archetype holds the memories of the abuse, neglect, and other traumas that we have endured during childhood.