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Date: 09.12.2017

Salsa rosa (2002)

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We could not find iTunes on your computer. You need iTunes to use Apple Music Download iTunes Gilberto Santa Rosa Gilberto Santa Rosa is one of the most esteemed, and certainly one of the most tradition-minded, soneros to rise to fame in the s, and his popularity and acclaim only increased in subsequent decades, as did his stateliness.

His straight-ahead, dance-oriented albums e. Consequently, Santa Rosa is one of the more discussed salsa artists of his time.

Throughout his long career, Santa Rosa demonstrated a strong sense of character: He began his solo recording career in on Combo Records, based in Puerto Rico, before moving to Sony Discos in and remaining there for a long run of albums, most of them very successful, if not critically then at least commercially.

He began singing salsa at age ten and made his formal singing debut on January 6, , during a television special commemorating Three Kings Day. He was only 12 years old at the time, and thereafter he wholeheartedly began pursuing his aspirations of becoming a professional salsero. Then from to , Santa Rosa worked as a backup vocalist for Willie Rosario; he can be heard on such T.

At this point in his early twenties, Santa Rosa had grown into a talented sonero, earned recognition in the salsa community, and was no longer known as El Bebe de la Salsa, as he once had been.

Yet his talents were well evident, for he was a rousing performer with a deep-rooted grasp of tradition, which garnered him respect among salsa purists; plus, even early on in his career, he was a well-capable interpreter of songs, tailoring them fittingly for various moods. It was no surprise, then, when he pursued a solo career with Combo Records, one of the leading salsa labels of its time.

His fourth and final album for Combo, Salsa en Movimiento , was similarly impressive and individualistic, so much so that he began considering a move up to the major labels. The CBS deal opened up new doors for him, as his music would now be distributed internationally, far beyond the shores of Puerto Rico and the streets of New York and Miami.

An important addition to the Santa Rosa team, however, was songwriter Omar Alfanno, who was just beginning to establish himself as a sure-fire hitmaker. The same team of arrangers and songwriters who had worked on Punto de Vista worked on Perspectiva, give or take a few: This resulted in a similarly styled yet more-refined batch of songs.

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Indeed, Santa Rosa recorded a number of truly great albums over the course of his long career, yet Perspectiva remains one of his most memorable and most perfect achievements. Rodriguez had died 20 years earlier, and this album commemorated his passing.

Each of these veterans was at one point in time somehow affiliated with Rodriguez, and their presence and playing greatly contributed to the old-fashioned style of A Dos Tiempos de un Tiempo. The standout song is "En la Soledad," a technologically enabled duet featuring the vocals of both Santa Rosa and a ghostly Rodriguez.

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Next came De Cara al Viento , which was a slight change of pace, with its added layers of strings and stateliness. For better or worse, this drift toward elegance continued on En Vivo Deside el Carnegie Hall , which was a prestigious affair.

In turn, Santa Rosa decided to dissolve his orchestra and start over with a fresh sound that retained the tradition of his previous work all the same.

For Esencia , Santa Rosa picked the repertoire and sang while Lugo oversaw the musical aspects of the album; both were credited with production. Esencia proved extremely successful, as did the partnership between Santa Rosa and Lugo. Critics and fans were pleased by the fresh style of the music, which is eclectic and energized whereas the past couple albums had begun to show signs of stagnation.