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Jo and Anne: Part 1 (1974)

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Series writers[ edit ] The writers for Laugh-In were: He also appeared in many of the cocktail scenes where he directed the band as they stopped and started between jokes. Composer-lyricist Billy Barnes wrote all of the original musical production numbers in the show, and often appeared on-camera, accompanying Johnson, Buzzi, Worley, or Sues, on a golden grand piano.

Since computer-controlled online editing had not been invented at the time, post-production video editing of the montage was achieved by the error-prone method of visualizing the recorded track with ferrofluid and cutting it with a razor blade or guillotine cutter and splicing with video tape, in a manner similar to film editing.

This had the incidental benefit of ensuring that the master tape would be preserved, since a spliced tape could not be recycled for further use. Laugh-In editor Arthur Schneider won an Emmy Award in for his pioneering use of the " jump cut " โ€” the unique editing style in which a sudden cut from one shot to another was made without a fade-out.

This was corrected in digital re-editing by removing the problematic video at the edit point and then slowing down the video image just before the edit point; time-expanding the slowed-down section long enough to allot enough time to seamlessly reinsert the audio portion from the removed portion of video.

The phrase was also uttered by many of the cameo guest stars, most notably Richard Nixon , though they were almost never subject to the same treatment as Carne. The orchestra would play a few bars of a dance song, only to temporarily stop while the cast and guests would exchange one-liners.

Beginning in the โ€” season, the dancing was handled briefly by new cast members Teresa Graves and Pamela Rodgers before being relegated to uncredited extras.

On occasion, a cast member superimposed on the screen would cast off a one-liner while the dancing took place. Usually, there was also a song which the entire cast sang, paying tribute to the theme.

Two of the children were twins named Simon and Gar Farkel , played by cast members of different races Teresa Graves and Pamela Rodgers in the third season and Johnny Brown and Barbara Sharma in the fourth season. Each sketch featured the unnamed judge bantering with a defendant brought before the court. For a time guest star Flip Wilson would introduce the sketch saying "Here come da judge!

Surprised that his trademark had been appropriated, Markham asked producer George Schlatter to let him play the Judge himself; Schlatter agreed and Markham presided for one season. After Markham left, the sketch was briefly retired until Sammy Davis, Jr. The sketch itself featured Dick humorously reporting on current events, which then segued into Dan reporting on "News of the Past" and "News of the Future", the latter of these segments, on at least two occasions, correctly predicted future events, one being that Ronald Reagan would be president, and another that the Berlin Wall would finally come down in The trophy was a gilded left hand mounted on a trophy base with its extended index finger adorned with two small wings.

Johnny Brown , Dan Rowan , in addition to hosting, appears as a character known as General Bull Right, a far-right-wing representative of the military establishment and outlet for political humor.

Announcer Gary Owens regularly stands in an old-time radio studio with his hand cupped over his ear, making announcements, often with little relation to the rest of the show, such as in an overly-dramatic voice , "Earlier that evening Wolfgang the German soldier โ€” Wolfgang would often peer out from behind a potted palm and comment on the previous gag saying "Verrry interesting", sometimes with comments such as " Johnson later repeated the line while playing Nazi-themed supervillain Virman Vundabar on an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

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Horneigh pronounced "hor-NIGH", presumably to satisfy the censors was a dirty old man coming on to Gladys Ormphby Ruth Buzzi seated on a park bench, who almost invariably clobbers him with her purse. Both Tyrone and Gladys later became animated characters voiced by Johnson and Buzzi in the "Nitwits" segments of the animated television show, Baggy Pants and the Nitwits.

Piotr Rosmenko, the Eastern European Man, stands stiffly and nervously in an ill-fitting suit while commenting on differences between America and "the old country", such as "Here in America, is very good, everyone watch television.

In old country, television watches you!

Rabbi Shankar a pun on Ravi Shankar was an Indian guru who dresses in a Nehru jacket dispensing pseudo mystical Eastern wisdom laden with bad puns. He held up two fingers in a peace sign whenever he spoke. An unnamed character in yellow raincoat and hat, riding a tricycle and then falling over, was frequently used between sketches. The character was portrayed by many members in the cast including Johnson. She typically hit people repeatedly with her purse.

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The character was recreated, along with Tyrone, in Baggy Pants and the Nitwits. The Poet held an oversized flower and nervously read offbeat poems. He pronounced his name " Henrik Ibsen ".

The Parson โ€” A character who makes ecclesiastical quips, in , he officiated at a near-marriage for Tyrone and Gladys. In the earliest episodes, she recited her dialogue sensibly and in her own voice, but as the series progressed, she adopted a Dumb Dora character with a higher-pitched giggle and a vacant expression, which endeared her to viewers.

Tomlin performs her skits in an oversized rocking chair that makes her appear small.

Ballad Of The Everyday Housewife (part 1) by Jo Anne Worley

Earbore the "Tasteful Lady" โ€” A prim society matron, Mrs. Earbore expressed quiet disapproval about a tasteless joke or remark, and then rose from her chair with her legs spread, and sometimes got doused with a bucket of water. Dotty โ€” A crass, and rude grocery checker who tended to annoy her customers at the store she worked at.

Lula โ€” A loud and boisterous woman with a Marie Antoinette hair-do who always loved a party. Suzie Sorority of the Silent Majority โ€” clueless hippie college student who ended each bit with "Rah!

Robot", both are equally inept and a satire of Shields and Yarnell popular mimes of the period who performed a routine as a robotic couple called "The Clinkers". Jo Anne Worley sometimes sings off-the-wall songs using her loud operatic voice, but is better remembered for her mock outrage at "chicken jokes" and her melodic outcry of "Bo-ring!

Big Al โ€” A clueless and fey sports anchor, he loves ringing his "Featurette" bell, which he calls his "tinkle". She often praises Vice President Spiro Agnew.

Richard Dawson appears as Hawkins the Butler, who always started his piece by asking "Permission to?