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Date: 04.02.2018

Hundeleben (1997)

We offer you to watch the movie Hundeleben (1997), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

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Rosencof was born in Uruguay in , the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants. Initially Rosencof worked as a journalist, writer and literary and artistic director.

He became politically active, finally joining the National Liberation Movement Tupamaros. Since Rosencof was freed in during a general amnesty he has been invited to numerous conferences and congresses at the most important universities in Europe and America.

Hilfshunde – Ein Hundeleben im Dienste des Menschen? - Schweizer Hunde Magazin

His dramatic works have been performed internationally. In Las cartas que no llegaron young Moishe talks about his oppressive childhood and youth, which were marked by war, loss, flight and indomitable courage. As an adult Moishe will report again later from La Paz. His letters are evidence of deep humanity that has survived death, letters full of music, macabre humour and sadness which never arrived.

And those in El Bataraz were never written, for the first-person narrator had neither paper nor pen at his disposal to satisfy his urgent need to communicate during his years of solitary confinement.

Hilfshunde – Ein Hundeleben im Dienste des Menschen? - Schweizer Hunde Magazin

He does so with a cock, the bataraz. Las cartas que no llegaron: Every formulation is pointed and apt, its unpretentious style polished and exact, without a single superfluous word. The sonnets entitled La Margarita, which were written in prison and smuggled out in the seams of clothes, tell in simple words the story of a first love, of an imaginary Margarita, a girl from the neighbourhood.

In the popular Uruguayan rock musician Jaime Roos put 15 of the 25 sonnets to music. The poems and CD have now been reissued in an attractive new edition, together with interviews with those involved.

The wonderfully woven story tells of a confetti salesman who, on his search for love, makes a pact with the devil, and henceforth meanders through the area on a gondola until he finally finds happiness.

It may not appear so at first, but they take on the very essentials of life.

In Medio Mundo "Half World" the author reflects on humanity and on the urgent need for man to take control of his destiny, a destiny that only depends on his strength and conviction, because God, this apparently omnipotent and eternal figure, created man as an intelligent and free being, even though the reality, both actual and historic, reveals that he left a lot of unfinished business, with many unpleasant events to follow.

In this novel the omnipotent God figure has lost his strength and in a last attempt to exercise his absolute control he cannot think of anything else to do but call a meeting, 2, years later, in a very non biblical setting, a suburb of Montevideo, with the protagonists of that biblical story: All these characters are called together for this particular meeting without knowing why or who it is that has brought them together.

Only at the end, at the last supper, which on this occasion is a more human affair, with exquisite delicacies, do they realise that the God who called them together has no more cards to play.

This punishing God who tried to correct a civilisation by drowning it in a flood and who refrained from acting during Hiroshima Auschwitz , has nothing left to offer. Now everything is in our hands alone. In this latest novel, Rosencof calls on the strength of humanity, on the strength of everything and every one of us to build a better future, one that is freer and less dark.

In the rewriting of certain Biblical passages, man is given that unique opportunity, beyond Biblical maxims: