Billy Connolly Live at the Odeon Hammersmith London (1991) watch online (quality HD 720p)

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Billy Connolly Live at the Odeon Hammersmith London (1991)

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. January This article may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may only interest a specific audience. In January the band came fifth in a national beat group contest, with finals held at the Lyceum Strand on 4 May Chris Wright left the line-up in late and was replaced by Ian Gillan.

A female vocalist named Ann Cully joined the band soon after. Mick Tucker, from Ruislip , joined on drums replacing Phil Kenton. The track includes Gillan on vocals, Tucker on drums and, according to band bassist Jan Frewer, is thought to have been recorded in Cully remained on as vocalist before departing some time later.

Tony Hall had joined on saxophone and vocals and when Fripp left he was replaced by Gordon Fairminer. Torpey only lasted a few months, and in late Robin Box took his place. Searle, regarded by many as the most talented musically, disappeared from the scene. Tucker was replaced by Roger Hills. They recruited bass guitarist and lead vocalist Steve Priest of a local band called the Army, who had previously played with another local band the Countdowns.

Frank Torpey was again recruited to play guitar. The quartet made its public debut at the Pavilion in Hemel Hempstead on 4 March and soon developed a following on the pub circuit, which led to a contract with Fontana Records.

At the time, another UK band released a single under the same name Sweetshop, so the band changed the name to The Sweet. The band was managed by Paul Nicholas , who later went on to star in Hair. Nicholas worked with record producer Phil Wainman at Mellin Music Publishing and recommended the band to him.

Their debut single "Slow Motion" July , produced by Wainman, and released on Fontana, failed to chart and owing to its rarity now sells for several hundred pounds when auctioned. Sweet were released from the recording contract and Frank Torpey left. In his autobiography Are You Ready Steve, Priest said that Gordon Fairminer was approached to play for them when Torpey decided to leave Sweet after a gig at Playhouse Theatre Walton-on-Thames on 5 July but turned the job down as he wanted to concentrate on other interests.

New line-up and new record deal[ edit ] Guitarist Mick Stewart joined in In late , that band became The Phil Wainman Set when the future Sweet producer joined on drums and the group cut some singles with Errol Dixon.

Three bubblegum pop singles were released: Stewart then quit, and was not replaced for some time. Connolly and Tucker had a chance meeting with Wainman, who was now producing, and knew of two aspiring songwriters, Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman , who were looking for a group to sing over some demos they had written together. The latter began offering the track to various recording companies. The band held auditions for a replacement guitarist and settled on Welsh-born Andy Scott.

The band rehearsed for a number of weeks before Scott made his live debut with Sweet on 26 September at the Windsor Ballroom in Redcar. The Sweet initially attempted to combine various musical influences, including the Monkees and s bubblegum pop groups such as the Archies, with more heavy rock-oriented groups such as the Who. The Sweet adopted the rich vocal harmony style of the Hollies , with distorted guitars and a heavy rhythm section.

Andy Scott appears in the album cover shot, even though he did not play on any of the recordings. A management deal was signed with the aforementioned songwriting team of Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman. Phil Wainman resumed his collaboration with Sweet, as executive producer. This management deal also included a worldwide the U.

It was not a serious contender on the charts. Initial success and rise to fame[ edit ] February saw the release of "Poppa Joe", which reached number 1 in Finland and peaked at number 11 in the UK Singles Chart. In January " Block Buster! In one performance of "Block Buster! Rex , Queen , Slade , and Wizzard for outrageous stage clothing.

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The Sweet had always composed their own heavy-rock songs on the B-sides of their singles to contrast with the bubblegum A-sides which were composed by Chinn and Chapman. The incident would be immortalised in the hit " The Ballroom Blitz " September The change would be reflected in all of their releases from onward.

Sweet also adopted a more conventional hard rock sound and appearance. His throat was badly injured and his ability to sing severely limited. The band did not publicise the incident and told the press that subsequent cancelled shows were due to Connolly having a throat infection. Sweet had frequently cited the Who as being one of their main influences and played a medley of their tracks in their live set for many years.

By that stage, producer Phil Wainman had moved on and the album was produced by Mike Chapman. It was recorded in a mere six days and featured a rawer "live" sound. However, the subsequent single release, "Turn It Down" November , reached only number 41 on the U. The album also featured a group composition, "Fox On The Run", which was to be re-recorded months later. Side One of the album contained all Chapman-Chinn penned songs, while Side Two featured songs written and produced by Sweet.

Writing and producing their own material[ edit ] In Sweet went back into the studio to re-arrange and record a more pop-oriented version of the track " Fox on the Run ". In Australia it not only made it to the top of the charts, it also became the biggest selling single of that year. The release of this track marked the end of the formal Chinn-Chapman working relationship and the band stressed it was now fully self-sufficient as writers and producers. The following single release, " Action " July , peaked at number 15 in the UK.

Now confident in their own songwriting and production abilities, Sweet spent the latter half of in Musicland Studios in Munich , Germany, where they recorded the Give Us A Wink album with German sound engineer Reinhold Mack , who later recorded with Electric Light Orchestra and co-produced Queen.

The new album release was deferred until so as not to stifle the chart success of Desolation Boulevard was enjoying, peaking at number 25 in the US and number 5 in Canada. It contained one live disc, recorded in London in December , and one disc compiling previously released single tracks plus an unused track by Chinn and Chapman — "I Wanna Be Committed". Tucker played drums on both tracks. By this time, Sweet strove to build on their growing popularity in America with a schedule of more than fifty headline concert dates.

Following the end of the US tour, the band went on to Scandinavia and Germany. Between October and January , Sweet wrote and recorded new material at Kingsway Recorders and Audio International London studios for their next album. A new album, Off the Record , was released in April. The next single from the album, "Fever of Love", represented the band heading in a somewhat more Europop hard rock direction, once again charting in Germany, [5] Austria and Sweden, while reaching number 10 in South Africa.

The band did not play any live dates in support of the album and, in fact, did not play a single concert for the whole of Level Headed and a change in style[ edit ] Sweet left RCA in and signed a new deal with Polydor though it would not come into force until later in the year. The first Polydor album, Level Headed January , found Sweet experimenting by combining rock and classical sounds "a-la clavesin", an approach similar to Electric Light Orchestra , and featured the single "Love Is Like Oxygen".

One more single from the album, "California Nights" May , featuring Steve Priest as the lead vocalist, peaked at number 23 on the German charts. The tour included a disastrous date in Birmingham, Alabama on 3 May, during which visiting Capitol Records executives in the audience saw Brian Connolly give a drunken and incoherent performance that terminated early in the set with his collapse on stage, leaving the rest of the group to play on without him.

The band returned briefly to Britain before resuming the second leg of their US tour in late May supporting other acts, including Foghat and Alice Cooper , finishing the US tour in early July A number of tracks were recorded featuring Connolly on vocals. Brian then left the band. Publicly, Connolly was said to be pursuing a solo career with an interest in recording country rock.

The first single release for the trio was "Call Me". Guest keyboard player Gary Moberley continued to augment the group on stage. Tragedy befell Mick Tucker when his wife Pauline drowned in the bath at their home on 26 December The band withdrew from live work for all of One more studio album, Identity Crisis , was recorded during —81 but was only released in West Germany and Mexico.

Sweet undertook a short tour of the UK and performed their last live show at Glasgow University on 20 March Steve Priest then returned to the United States, where he had been living since late When Polydor released Identity Crisis in October , the original Sweet had been disbanded for almost a year. Re-formed versions —present [ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. This line-up also toured Australian and New Zealand pubs and clubs for more than three months in and for a similar period again in early He departed in late As McNulty moved into the front man spot, Jeff Brown came in to take over bass early in He later was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia.

They recorded an album during this period, simply titled A. But before the band embarked on the supporting tour for A in however, Bodo left and Bisland returned as permanent percussionist.

Chad Brown ex- Lionheart ; no relation to Jeff was the new front man. Glitz Blitz and Hitz, a new studio album of re-recorded Sweet hits, was released during this period. When Chad Brown quit in after developing a throat infection, Jeff Brown assumed lead vocals and bass duties. After this, the band was stable again for the next five years.

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The mids would bring further confusing shake-ups and rotations. Ian Gibbons came back for a third stint as fill-in keyboardist in June for a gig in the Faroe Islands. The line-up then consisted of Scott, Bisland, Grant and Lincoln. March saw the U.