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Amanda (1916)

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This collection was donated to the Society as a gift from Mrs. Polkinghorn on March 29, Manuscript and printed stories, poetry, essays, magazine ar ticles, and a novel by Amanda M. Included are manuscripts of the novel "Larry"1 and of the following stories: Douglas was a resident of Newark from until her death in Many of her novels and stories were intended for young readers. Scope and Content Note: This collection consists of two boxes of manuscripts and three scrapbooks.

None of the manuscript stories with the exception of "Larry", written in , are dated. The clippings of her published poetry and stories are also not dated. It is assumed that these were done early in her career since she went from stories and poetry to books and serials later on in her career.

There are many articles on European history, cities, and royality, indicating the great respect many Americans had for European culture. The scrapbooks also contain many articles of historical interest dealing with old New York and Newark as well as sketches of various historic events. She was a prolific writer whose first book was published in From then until she published at least one book each year. She also developed a folding frame for mosquito netting for which she was awarded a patent on September 20, Eventually they returned to New York City where they lived until when they moved to Newark.

Amanda Douglas had two older brothers, Oscar, and Charles who was an Episcopal minister. She also had a younger sister Annie who suffered from heart problems.

Amanda Douglas was educated in literature in New York City and hoped to become an artist.

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Amanda returned home to help her family She gave up art and began to write after returning home because it was something she could do without leaving home. They were filled with sentimental moralistic fiction, convential poetry, and historical sketches.

She moved on to writing serials and full-length novels. She served on the executive board and frequently wrote papers that were presented at club meetings. Discussions ranged from Greek sculpture to scientific subjects, papers on Jane Austen and Thackeray written by Miss Douglas, the ever present servant problem, and society and immigration. Amanda cared for her sister Annie until her death in She then turned over her home to people who agreed to care for her until her death.

She is listed in Newark records as a boarder in her own home from until her own death in Her funeral was in St. A rather sentimental religiosity is noted throughout her work which was typical of writers of her time. Her stories portray the ideal woman as the cultured, beautiful, even-tempered model of young lives.

Container List Box 1 of 2 Each file is a separate notebook, story or theme.

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Descriptions for the first two files have been lost. Conflict between benefactor and long lost uncle. Search follows with happy ending. Encouraged to pursue music by mysterious young woman in woods.

Read at Ray Palmer Club meeting on April 9, Four in notebooks, one in loose pages ms Titles: Six notebooks ms Untitled, some incomplete segments of stories. Folder Patents, pictures, directions for folding mosquito net frame. Also three ms sheets of unidentified Incomplete. Three in ms form, one clipping Titles: Subject matter general, newspaper articles--contents listed in front.

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Scrapbooks Scrapbook Clippings of stories by Amanda Douglas. Scrapbook Mostly her poetry in ms form, a few clippings of printed stories. Scrapbook Weekly paper "The Gazette of the Union.

P indicates that the Paul Douglas family has the title M indicates that the book is on microfilm and available in some libraries on film: