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Date: 10.09.2017

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And the other fund raising efforts: Full Throttle Charity Bike Ride: We praise God for His mighty provision through these wonderful funding agencies, and the confirmation this gives us that we to continue to offer this service.

This is going through some major changes, but is becoming more embracing of all services once again. We really value the service they offer to the community. There is a greater spirit of collaboration occurring within the Franklin District. We continue to look out for ways that we can fill needs within the community, With the recession really hitting the country, our Organisation continues to grow.

The need is growing, but we are also being blessed with funding. We run a very tight ship financially. Following the well publicized assault on a Policeman in Tuakau earlier this year, we were approached by Tuakau College to run an Anger Management programme for the students at the College. The course covered self-awareness, behaviour and anger management and motivation for a positive future.

We completed this 10 week programme on 10th august. We had 2 classes, 16 girls, and 18 boys. These students were some of the worst behaved students in the School. There was always 2 facilitators, and we also invited guest facilitators, namely Kramer and Ben, to connect with and motivate the boys. Feedback from the College staff was positive. We learnt a lot from the experience, as I trust, did the students!.

For the past 5 years Anita has financially supported Hope Unlimited Trust and her time for the Trust has been on a voluntary basis. She had also purchased the building that Hope was occupying.

Due to the recession, Anita was facing a personal financial crisis. The Board of Trustees decided at this point to employ Anita for 8 hrs per week to enable her to continue in her role at Trust Manager.

We also found an investor who purchased the property, and leased it back to Hope Unlimited Trust, to enable us to stay on in the premises. The counsellors we have for this year are: Trish — working with couples, individuals and children, Diane working with adults and children mainly in the area of grief and trauma, Brett, who works as a general counsellor has begun specializing in working with Anger Management for men.

She is trained as a Drug and Alcohol counsellor, which has added another facet to the issues we can address within the counselling.. Trisha B was welcomed as our Intern this year. Thanks to funding from Lotteries to enable us to employ her. Jo continues to implement procedures and keep the office running smoothly, as well as successfully applying for funding in order to keep us operating. This business has been a great support to us. We continue to Network with other Agencies.

We decided not to follow through on starting a Mentoring Programme, due to lack of personnel to run it. Trisha O took on more counselling with Children as Christine has left.. Di is using her sand tray skills with children also. Jo taking on the role of Service Development Cordinator has proven invaluable as she steadily works to making our organisation Sustainable. She has worked for a year as a volunteer, and in August we began to pay for her 1 day, while we seek funding to employ her for more hours.

She is growing in this role and the need for her services is also growing. The recession has hit us, as it has all other organisations within NZ. We missed out on the ASB funding as they moved from twice yearly application, to only yearly. We received funding from Sky city to help with subsidizing counselling. This was an awesome boost for those who cannot afford counselling.

We also gratefully received an anonymous donation, which has enabled us to keep Jo employed. We have also been donated 2 truck loads of books from Rotary, which we are now listing on Trade Me in order to aid our fundraising efforts. It has been a good little boost and a steady income. ACE have now lost their funding, so we will continue to run our programmes independently, seeking funding from other sources.

We have been exploring offering a Mentoring Programme.. This is work in progress. There have been a number of changes this year, but the workers have been provided for us to continue. Without their assistance we would be not be operating as efficiently as we are. She has done a lot of work in creating our website in conjunction with a web designer. It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to her in August this year, as moves on to further her career and move into full time work.

Unfortunately illness prevented her from being able to work for much of this year. She has now returned and is again building up a new client load. His knowledge and expertise in Family Therapy is invaluable to us as an agency as well as to the community.

He often sees families in their own homes, as this gives him a broader perspective of the issues and how they relate. She lives in South Auckland and works full time, but came down one evening a week, as required, to work with Children. She is amazing with kids and has been a great asset to our team.

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She is continuing her studies and is now working towards a Masters in Counselling. It was a learning experience for her, and we benefited from her short time with us. We trust she is moving on and now working in the North Shore area. In August Diane joined our team. She is currently training for her Masters in Counselling having already attained a postgraduate Diploma in Education counselling , a diploma in psychotherapy and a certificate in Trauma and Violence studies.

Julie who joined us last year, as our social worker, left us in June, due to family circumstances. We became aware that our need is more for a Community Support worker, rather than a fully-fledged Social worker, because of the diversity of the role. As a result, in August we accepted the volunteer services of Theresa , who has ably filled the gap. Theresa is new to this role and the current need for her support is only just beginning to utilized.

Margaret Lucas is using our facilities to offer to the community her skills in Literacy. So twice a week she sees her clients here. It is wonderful to have her service as part of what we offer to the community. This was spontaneously organized as we found out he was coming to the North Island, and we decided to tap into his availability. As a result we only had 2 weeks to organize it, which really was not enough time to get the advertising out.

It was a wonderful evening, and God graciously provided much of what we needed, e. Those that came really enjoyed it, as he is a suburb entertainer. We are keen to hold another event, but need to find the right entertainer, and utilize all our learning from this event to make it profitable. We attended the day to help with registrations, making tea and the sausage sizzle, as well as promote our organisation.

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It was a great day, enjoyed by all. And we are most grateful to Full Throttle for all the effort put into this event for us.

They have offered that this will an annual event. We are looking for more businesses within the community who may be willing to do similar. ACE approved to fund our community courses provided we have a minimum of 6 people.

We have run one in the last term under their provision. We also received some private donations. We are extremely grateful to all our funders for their financial support which enables us to provide this service to the Community of Franklin. She has taken on the task of accounts, paying wages, and doing some funding applications. She is mandated to make the organisation sustainable, create structure, and to implement the strategic plan.

Each member of the Trust has individually been through illness or trauma. I want to acknowledge the members of the Trust Board and appreciate the time and commitment they give to Hope Unlimited Trust. In February this year we held a very successful Planning Day. We re-evaluated the need for the service. Because we are here to help those who have fallen through the gaps due to lack of finance, or their needs are too complex, we are definitely filling those gaps.

It was recognised that there is a need to focus on becoming sustainable and for someone to ease the workload of Anita. We are actively working towards fulfilling our vision of becoming a sustainable, quality counselling and community service. We are on track to completing the next steps in that process. We hold regular staff meetings, which have benefited staff connectedness as well as professional development.

This year our community awareness project has been to get the Website up and running. This has been operating for the past month.

Unfortunately we had a break-in this year, and the TV that we bought with funding from ASB about 4 months earlier, was stolen. We were kindly donated another TV by Angie S, which has enabled us to continue running our courses. The counsellors we have on staff this year are: What started last year as a basic Self Esteem Course, has grown into a 6 part programme, covering Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Boundaries, Communication Skills, Anger Awareness, and Understanding our personality styles.