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Date: 25.01.2018

End to a Beginning (1978)

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It gets up and kills! The people it kills get up and kill! It was first released in , ten years after the original film in the series, Night of the Living Dead. European audiences might better know this film from when it was distributed as Zombi, which itself would receive an unofficial sequel of sorts in Zombi 2 , thereby beginning a headache for horror movie buffs and collectors over film name changes and numbering issues.

Officially followed by Day of the Dead , and loosely remade in Dawn of the Dead contains examples of the following tropes: Francine gradually becomes one. All Bikers Are Hells Angels: A gang invades the mall in the original, letting in the zombies. Averted on a meta level, as most of the bikers were played by real life members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

All There in the Manual: The book also reveals the last names of many of the main characters.

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Wooley and later the bikers. Wooley, the unhinged racist SWAT cop at the beginning. Subverted by Peter at the end when he decides to face the zombie horde rather than escape and ensures that he has a gun he can use on himself when they storm his room.

However, at the last second he decides to make a break for it and escapes the overrun mall with Francine this was changed from the original ending, where he really did kill himself.

Present and accounted for with Wooley, the gung-ho yet dumb rednecks and the biker gang, all of which signify the devolution of society. Black Dude Dies First: The black main character is one of the only ones to survive.

Features an impressive shotgun-blast-to-the-head scene. When the film opens we see Francine suffering and waking from one of these. Unfortunately for her, reality is no less of a nightmare. The film apparently takes place a few weeks after the events of Night, released a decade earlier.

For a while, at least. The montage of the group enjoying their time in the shopping mall comes to mind. Used for every TV picture, although genuine static appears at the end, after transmissions have stopped coming. The scene at the airport gas station. Soundly avoided, with a gory police raid on a zombie-infested tenement coming early in the film.

Devoured by the Horde: The original script played this straight, with Francine also killing herself by jumping into the rotating blades of the helicopter. They decided to eventually change this, since the preceding movie already had a similar "everybody dies" Downer Ending, and the world in the movie is a total Crapsack World anyway. Most of the film takes place inside a shopping mall. But soon, I think they be stronger than you.

Stephen is choleric, Roger is sanguine, Francine is melancholic and Peter is phlegmatic. Not as bad as in Day of the Dead, but still plenty. The scene where Peter and Stephen raid a gun shop inside the mall. Also doubles as sort of a Lock and Load Montage. This movie, set three weeks later, shows that things are gradually getting worse, and by the end, civilization has collapsed completely.

Part of the reason why Humans Are the Real Monsters. Humans Are the Real Monsters: Most famously, the zombies are an outright satire of mindless consumer culture and "mall drones.

Averted; Stephen misses a lone slow zombie multiple times before Roger steps in to put it down. The Hare Krishna and nun zombies. Rausch suggests the use of nukes against the zombies, perhaps forgetting that all the living humans killed by radiation or severe burns will eventually get back up.

Fortunately, no one takes this suggestion seriously. Several zombies are easily cast aside when Roger and Peter start using trucks to block the doors of the mall.

Later, when locking the doors from the inside, more zombies are taken out as they drive the silver coupe through the mall. A gigantic racist, to boot: Peter, a black man, pumps him full of lead.

Took a Level in Jerkass: Wooley is initially introduced as an Angry White Man , who refers to minorities by using various racial slurs, but still seems sane at least.

Once inside the apartment complex, he goes full Ax-Crazy who clearly enjoys shooting unarmed civilians more than his mission objectives. Just Before the End: Civilization seems to be collapsing during the first half of the film.

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By the beginning of the second half, the collapse is implied to be complete, with TV broadcasts having ceased and a roving biker gang instead of the police or military arriving at the mall. The scripted ending ended with everyone dying, but by the time it came to film it Romero had grown to like the characters and decided it would just be pointlessly depressing.

Originally all he has going for him is his skills as a helicopter pilot, despite his efforts. Francine starts with nothing. Francine does very little, though she does learn basic shooting and how to fly the copter. Chief setting of the film, used to skewer American consumerism by comparing it to the zombie hordes who "consume" everything in sight.

The film has a climatic 3-way battle with Peter and Stephen vs. The actress playing Francine famously refused to be just another Screaming Woman. However, during the first confrontation at the airport she just stands there while her boyfriend is fighting with a zombie, neither running nor helping. She does get better though.

The character Richard France plays the TV scientist with the eye patch is never addressed by name, and is referred to in the credits only as "Scientist.