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Date: 16.09.2017

A Summer You Will Never Forget (1959)

We offer you to watch the movie A Summer You Will Never Forget (1959), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Milos Rocker For many, the movies are a chance to enter a fantasy land where everything is perfect. There might be hardship, disaster, and death. But, in the end, everything works out. The hero lives, the aliens die, and love is found.

But movies are not above making mistakes. Many movies feature all kinds of historical inaccuracies and run-of-the-mill slipups that the average viewer might not be able to spot. For an overview of some of the most notable movie mistakes, read on. Too Soon For The Spaniard: Gladiator This epic historical movie was directed by Ridley Scott and starred two big-time actors: Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.

In the film, Crowe plays general Maximus Decimus Meridius. Gladiator, though, takes place in AD. More so, for some reason, everyone in Ancient Rome has a British accent. Someone at The Gotham Times needs to be given a good talking to or fired. Here, Gibson is more or less a victim of the debate about the skin color of Jesus Christ.

Indiewire In the film, Jesus Christ is played by a white actor. A Parasol For a Chariot: Troy Another epic war film makes the list of film booboos. Maybe if this film took place years later then such a thing could have actually happened. In the very next scene, that rip is nowhere to be found.

Where did it go? Bullet Holes Before Bullets: Did you really expect his classic Pulp Fiction to be blooper free?

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Maybe those are from a different shootout, though? A Jacket For Han Solo: It also had a style malfunction. Who gave Han the jacket? Was it the Force? Pretty Woman Talk about a continuity mistake! After Vivian spends her first night at the hotel with Edward, she is treated to a breakfast by room service. The shot catches Vivian taking a bite out of a croissant just before the shot cuts back to Edward. But the likelihood that their escape route would have actually lead to escape is unfounded.

It would have actually taken them to Germany. The Green Mile Michael Clark Duncan plays an accused rapist with supernatural powers in this movie adapted from a Stephen King novel.

When Apple Sends You a Letter: Forrest Gump This lovable 90s movie stars Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump — the guy who seems to be everywhere and anywhere. Both of which are visible here. The Magic Six Shooter: He has a six shooter in his hand, yet, miraculously, he manages to fire about 10 more bullets than six shooters could possibly hold without reloading.

How many takes do you think it took for director Damien Chazelle to get it just right? Youtube Most probably, all these attempts to nail this scene made some serious dents in the car roofs.

You can see them from previous takes even before the dancers start their prancing. S military has known—where can you go wrong? Pirates of the Caribbean: Singapore was only founded in , by the British statesman Stamford Raffles. He conceals the hole with a sultry movie poster for the film One Million Years B. This Raquel Welch film came out only after the character may or may not have escaped jail. These two places are more than two miles apart in real life. The stunts in the movie were incredible but not at all realistic.

Maybe this child has special powers! It also made millions of dollars and brought the Holocaust into the homes of millions more. Plastic stamp pads were not around during World War 2. The Red Mark Disappears: Pulp Fiction Another Quentin Tarantino movie make this list of movie mistakes.

When she comes back to life, that red mark is a goner.

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No Kilt For Mel: Braveheart Mel Gibson has had a long, dynamic, and not always controversy-free movie career. The film won five Oscar awards. But not necessarily for complete accuracy in costumes. Dirty Dancing One of the most memorable, most mimicked, and just plain awesome scenes in movie history is when Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey over his head in Dirty Dancing.

This dance drama gave us some great songs and dance moves, and of course, some ludicrous continuity slip-ups. Youtube During the last dance of the movie, Swayze goes super cool and jumps off the stage—with a dry head of hair. Next thing you know, his hair is wet and pasted to his forehead. How did that happen? In this movie, Tom Hanks stars a man who must survive on an island all by himself.

It must be a miracle! Jeans and a T-Shirt: Raiders of the Lost Ark Steven Spielberg directed this adventure classic. Harrison Ford plays the memorable title role, and the movie takes place in the s. Maybe he was a time traveller? Reservoir Dogs More bloopers from Quentin Tarantino. DailyForest When Marvin Nash is brought in to be tortured, the shot captures his hands cuffed behind his back. A few seconds later, Mr.

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Pink start kicking Nash around and his hands are suddenly cuffed in the front of his body, only for the camera to switch back a few moments later showing his hands cuffed behind his back again. Malcolm X Denzel Washington played the charismatic and controversial black-power leader in this biopic. In the film, Malcolm screams for someone to call A long time for potential bloopers! Pinterest The length gave producers lots to keep track of.

For many, this 90s blockbuster is THE alien movie. The movie and the comics revolve around wars that took place in BC. Movie Prop Replicas In the film, one army has access to bombs.

This is not realistic. Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino brought his hyper stylized filmmaking talents to this American tale about a bounty hunter and a slave seeking vengeance. The truth is, sunglasses were extremely scarce at the time and were mostly used for medical purposes. Maybe he had an eye condition?

When Heads Split Open: This time, the T is more sophisticated than ever. Somehow, the head splits open before the Terminator even fires his weapon. Sportswear For a Pirate: Pirates of the Caribbean More Pirates of the Caribbean bloopers. Captain Jack Sparrow had style. He dressed like a s hippie sex symbol. This is its 4th appearance on this list. Maybe those revolutionaries had access to really great anti-aging cream. Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most entertaining pirate franchises ever.

The zombie captain is eating food years before it existed. Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies: The much acclaimed Leonardo DiCaprio plays Hughes. Pinterest In the film, Hughes gets himself some chocolate chip cookies.