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Date: 03.09.2017

Superbman: The Other Movie (1981)

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In some cases all we had to do was look in the mirror. Behind the camera everyone was doing double duty and it made sense before the camera, too.

Hence director Dave Teubner, was cast as the spunky cub reporter, Jiminy Olson. Special effects designer, Drex Reed was a natural as the evil kraptonian, General Zit.

Three more parts were filled by friends who were working actors: Still, the both did well. At the time Superbman was being shot, he had been performing in various community theaters throughout Orange County with leading roles in such shows as Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady and The Fantastics.

Unfortunately, we lost track of Mark, and, currently, we have no further information on him. Dan Sanchez Rex Ruthor Dan is no stranger to theatrics. As a former rock-and-roll musician The Medulla , he was known for his outrageous stage antics.

In high school, college and theater groups he has been cast in many character parts that required his special brand of talent.

In addition to creating the special effects he accepted the responsiblites of location sound engineer, camera operator, stunt co-odinator, and sound effects editor, which in itself required him to cut over 1, separate sound effects into the film. A man whose talents are not confined to the technical aspects of filmmaking, he also appears in the film as the evil Kraptonian criminal, General Zit.

Today, Drex works professionaly creating special effects. World Police special effects assistant: Armed with a bit of Chutzpah, he was not only able to obtain the expertise of many industry professional, but he secured all of the locations and property on a gratis basis as well. Next, armed with only a glib tongue, he acquired the necessary investors to finance the project and organize a promotional campaign that toured the science fiction convention circuit with a preview reel and behind-the-scenes slide presentation.

His other responsibilities included assistant director, camera operator, assistant editor and storyboard co-conceptualization.

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One of his clients was famed filmaker, Ray Harryhausen. He is also creative director for Eyesight Entertainment, a new social medial platform for content creators. Tricia Mattews Lois Lame Interesting factoid: When we first met Tricia Matthews, she was determined to be an actress. Lots of young women dream of being an actress. A good example of Superbman craziness might be her performing one night in The Glass Menagerie and her subsequent early morning near kidnapping by John so that we could take her out to a remote location to fling pies at her.

Wet gloppy sticky pies. Let it be repeated, she remains an actress to this day. Following her graduation from college, Tricia has worked almost constantly as an actress, a career choice far broader and usually far less glamorous than what might first come to mind to most people.

Dave Teubner Jiminy Olson A man of many talents, Dave Tuebner served not only as director, but as production designer, Cinematographer and Editor, too. As Production Designer he was responsible for set design and graphics.

As editor, he spent over nine months cutting picture, dialogue and music with many of the cutting sessions lasting through the night. Over and above these duties, Dave also portrayed the spunky young news reporter, Jiminy Olson. Dave became interested in filmmaking during High School and made his first 16 mm film in for Avco Financial Services. An avid architecture buff, his other interests include classical music, miniatures, and comic book collecting.

It was a decision with some consequences attached; chief among her memories of making Superbman, she says, is freezing to death between takes in her Miss Tushmaker gown. Shortly after completing her role in Superbman she became a Graduate Gemologist.

After several years in that field, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and merged her gemology experience with her considerable marketing skills to create marketing, communication and sales strategies as a Regional Director for J. Walter Thompson, a top international advertising firm. She currently has her own marketing consulting firm, Image Consulting.