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La mano negra lo sabe (1999)

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The Spanish National Police accused most of the Spanish anarchists of being part of the organization. In the s, Andalusia had experienced a severe economic crisis. Due to the resulting misery and famine, farm workers revolted, burning and looting bakeries and numerous orchards.

Despite the debates that took place, for years concerning the existence of this organization, it is now widely recognized in academic circles that it was a type of "false flag" invention by the Sagasta government , in order to suppress peasant revolts in the south of Spain. Their most notable members include Gavrilo Princip and the group of assassins who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, thus triggering the war in The expression is also used sometimes as a name for illegal employment.

However, it was while reading a comic the Condor series by Dominique Rousseau that the idea came to the group. It is in this context that the musician Manu Chao, with the intention of recording some songs he had written that did not fit into the groups he had previously been a member of, decided to start a band with his brother, trumpeter Antoine Chao, and his cousin, drummer Santi Casariego. Also included in the initial combo was Jo Dahan on bass, from the legendary French punk band Les Wampas.

After the recording, the group was diluted almost sporadically, with three members participating in other projects: However, the following year, they still recorded their first LP, Patchanka. The album contains songs previously written by Manu Chao and featuring Dirty District along with other musicians from Les Casse Pieds, urban group, holiday, folk and gifts to improvise, Hot Pants and Los Carayos, to accompany the three members of the group.

Patchanka is an album that reflects the DIY ethos of the era, made on a budget and with imagination, and Manu Chao allowing the recording of several songs as unedited renditions: The laborious search for the Patchanka sound did not stop there, as Manu continued to collaborate with other groups.

All the while Patchanka was continuing to accumulate good reviews. The group toured France and drew media attention, getting a record deal with major label Virgin Records France, which brought them criticism from the French alternative scene, but otherwise allowed them to pay for their travels.

Pierre Gauthe, trombone, joined as the eighth member of the group, and they went on tour to Latin America, choosing countries like Peru or Ecuador, unaccustomed to receiving foreign rock bands, causing a sensation in the audience to perform free concerts in auditoriums and public places.

Enriched with the Latin American experience and tucked behind the success of the new job in France and other European countries, they began a world tour in , leading them to visit more than fifteen countries, including: During , while the group continued to tour the European continent, its members began to show signs of disunity.

The album, which was not well received by critics, included more lyrics in English, fewer Latin rhythms but more rock and hardcore sounds. Worldwide tours[ edit ] Later that same year, , during one of its Japanese tours, they decided to record the only live album of the group, In the Hell of Patchinko , recorded during two concerts at the city of Kawasaki Japan.

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The work captures, in essence, the energy of live band, as Mano Negra was a band of performance, which owed much of its success to its eccentric performances and travel. Precisely in this year, they started the Cargo 92 project, embarking from the city of Nantes in the cargo ship Melquiades with the theater company Royal de Luxe , in order to start a boat trip to South America, subsidized by the French government.

The tour, which lasted nearly five months and visited countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina, giving free performances in public places, witnessed the weakening of the group. After four months, without a break, in unfavorable economic conditions, the rebellious spirit of the group showed signs of unwillingness to continue.

It is not until July , in Buenos Aires Argentina , that Mano Negra gave its last concert with all original members, preceded by an incident in the program TV Attacks , when the keyboard player broke a monitor. That same year, they released the compilation album Amerika Perdida "Lost America".

Upon returning from South America, the tension between group members continued to grow and trumpeter Antoine left the band. The rest of the band, especially Manu, gave form to what would become its next album, Casa Babylon "Babylon House" , an album like King of Bongo, unrelated to their previous albums.

At the same time, the group published a biographical book collection that includes a picture disc Bande Originale Du Livre with new songs, some included later in the album Casa Babylon. During the recording sessions, Jo Dahan and Daniel Jamet also left the group, letting new members enter, which were not welcomed by some former members.

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The result of the recordings was the only concept album of the group; piece by piece, it becomes a party of Latin rhythms mixed with rock and hardcore shoots. The group, as such, did not interpret the themes of Casa Babylon , although several of its members made some presentations in Spain with different names, such as Larchuma FC or Radio Bemba, and offered some collaborations with other groups, especially with Negu Gorriak.

End[ edit ] In late , several members of the group decided to make a trip by train through Colombia during which they were joined by members of the groups Royal de Lux and French Lovers. After two weeks of travel, and after the last of their two concerts in Santa Marta and Aracataca , all other members of the group, except Manu and Thomas, decided to return to Paris. Mano Negra in Colombia.

Slaughter began to give more publicity to the band in Latin America, where their popularity had been on the rise.

The band was already dissolved, a fact ignored by many of its admirers. Meanwhile, among the old members there were two possibilities for the future of Mano Negra: This second approach was chosen. In , Manu Chao and other members of the band wanted to continue to offer concerts in Madrid but, due to the restriction on the use of the former name of the group, had to do so as "Radio Bemba"—a project that was also ultimately dissolved.

In , the compilation album Best of Mano Negra was released, including 22 hits and two previously unreleased tracks. In , there was a planned release of a double DVD video of the group, with six hours of concerts, documentaries, and rare images of the history of the band.

Manu Chao was not involved in the production but six members, Jo, Tom, Phillipe, Daniel, Antoine and Pierre, offered interviews to promote the work.

Manu Chao solo[ edit ] After the band split, Manu Chao continued his solo career, always committed with political and social issues, immigration, ghettos , and injustice , sometimes releasing albums completely in Spanish, and others in French. His Clandestino album aimed at featuring groups from diverse backgrounds, such as Mexican Tijuana No!

Hope" , released in , with similar Latin, Caribbean, and ska sounds. Though Chao is quite well known in Europe and Latin America, he has not had the same success in the English-speaking world.

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Tours in the United States with Mano Negra were not as successful as elsewhere, and Chao seems inclined to focus his efforts in the places where his musical style finds its roots. Though his live performances in the U. In he performed in several cities around the United States with his tour called "La Ventura".